What Are The Dangers Of A Poorly Placed Windshield?

Replacing your windshield tends to be expensive if you don’t have car insurance. Even if you had insurance, high deductibles would still mean costly out-of-pocket expenses. Should you find yourself in need of a windshield replacement, the idea of cutting costs may have crossed your mind.

Maybe you’re planning to perform a DIY windshield replacement. It shouldn’t be that hard, right? Or maybe you’re going to leave it to the cheapest car repair service in town. After all, what difference would it make?

The reality is that both budget-saving attempts will leave you with a poorly placed windshield. It saves money initially but you will only end up with more expensive bills.

Why is that?

Because its effects are disastrous. In this article, we’ll explore why it’s important to have a proper windshield installation – and the consequences of not having one.


The Importance of Proper Windshield Installation

Most car owners think that a vehicle’s main body is primarily responsible for keeping them safe. However, it’s actually the windshield that has the greatest importance in passenger safety. In fact, it comprises 70 percent of a vehicle’s structural integrity. The windshield prevents the car roof from caving in during high impact collisions. It’s easy to see why proper installation is important. Compromising the integrity of your windshield, if only to save money, will lead to grave consequences.


The Consequences of a Badly Installed Windshield

1. Cracking

A poorly placed windshield won’t be as tough as one that’s been properly installed. Besides, the replacement is probably made of low-quality glass. Both can make your windshield prone to breakage and cause you to spend twice more on a replacement.


2. Decreased visibility

Eventually, those small chips and cracks will become larger and spread across your windshield. Unless you replace it immediately, the driver will experience decreased visibility of the road ahead. It’s an accident waiting to happen, and the passengers will be at constant risk.


3. Ineffective airbag support

The placement of your windshield can also affect the performance of your airbags. Depending on how badly they were installed, the airbags might fall off during a collision, or they won’t inflate to their full capacity upon impact.

Either way, the lives of the driver and the side passenger will be put in serious danger. They will be at risk of suffering traumatic head and neck injuries from the steering wheel or the windshield caving in. Low-quality windshield is also more likely to shatter and cause cuts and wounds.


4. More expensive bills

The average windshield replacement runs anywhere from $200 to $500. The actual rate will depend on the vehicle type and maker. If a car repair shop hands you a lower quote than the average, then you are essentially placing yourself at risk. A cheap windshield replacement could only mean two things:

  • That you will receive poor services
  • Your windshield will be replaced with low-quality glass

It may seem like you saved money. But if you consider its dangers and the possibility of having to replace the bad windshield, you’ll end up spending more money than you bargained for.

The Most Common Falling Items That Will Damage Your Windshield

Your car’s windshield is tougher than the side windows. It’s designed that way for passenger safety. The windshield is a laminate of two thick glasses with vinyl in-between. In cases of severe impact (like a car crash), the windshield won’t break apart into sharp, jagged pieces – thus minimizing the risk for injury.

As might be expected, the windshield can take quite a beating. But this doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage or that it’s 100% safe as long as you park your car. Take it from us. We’ve handled plenty of auto glass repairs at our shop. Most cases of windshield damage are actually caused by falling objects, not vehicular accidents.

If you want to avoid windshield damage and a possibly expensive windshield replacement, watch out for the following risks. We’ve also provided car safety tips so you can keep them from happening.


3 Main Causes of Windshield Damage and How to Prevent Them

Risk #1: Snow

Living in a snowy climate already places your vehicle at risk. Snow and ice can collect on rooftops during winter and fall on your windshield to cause damage. There’s also the added risk of snow storms and hail if you park out in the open.

Car safety tip: Park your vehicle in a garage to protect it from the elements. Consider installing a snow guard on your roof to keep snow from falling.


Risk #2: Trees

Trees (especially tall ones) pose several threats to your car throughout the year, no matter the season or climate. Fruits or branches can fall off them and crack your windshield, scratch your paint job, or dent your car. Some trees also produce sap which can damage the tint of your windshield. These risks go higher when it’s windy or rainy, or if there’s an active storm.

Car safety tip: Avoid parking your car under a tree. At home, you can further reduce the risk of windshield damage by trimming trees regularly, removing dead branches, and picking fruits that have reached maturity.


Risk #3: Construction tools and materials

We’ve seen this happen one-too-many times and have had to perform emergency windshield replacements. Windshields are often damaged during home or office construction, improvements, and repair work. Falling hammers, ladders, and paint buckets are among the most common culprits. Although any heavy tool or construction material poses serious risks to your car and windshield.

Car safety tip: Park your car in a safe spot, away from the construction site.


Risk #4: You

If you use your car as a step-up to reach higher places like the top of a roof or a tree, then you probably haven’t heard of Murphy’s Law:

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

You are risking the possibility of cracking the windshield, as well as hurting yourself if you get on top of your car.

Car safety tip: Never use your car to elevate yourself. It’s always safer to use a ladder.


What should I do if my windshield is damaged?

The inevitable has happened and you already have a damaged windshield. What now? Your next step is to take your car to a trusted auto glass repair shop and have it checked. From there, a professional crew can give you a proper assessment of your windshield and whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

How Windshield Replacement Can Reduce Road Noise

Ideally, your car should be safe from road noise to a certain extent. Outside noise from oncoming vehicles, blaring horns, loud music, screaming drivers, or even the chatter of passengers in nearby vehicles shouldn’t get in if the windows are rolled up. When driving at fast speeds, you also shouldn’t hear the sound of wind gushing into the car’s cabin.

If you notice the following changes in the way your car handles road noise:

  • The noise being louder than usual
  • Hearing a hissing or whistling sound in the cabin while driving at high speeds

.. and yet you are sure that the car windows are completely closed off, then something is definitely wrong. One common cause of increased road noise is a loose windshield.


What causes a loose windshield?

There are a few possible reasons why your windshield is loose:

  • You just purchased a car from the manufacturer.
  • Your car has recently undergone either windshield repair or replacement at an auto glass repair shop.
  • You have attempted DIY repairs or replacement of your car’s windshield.

In these cases, your windshield was not properly installed by the manufacturer, the car owner, or the auto glass repair shop responsible for its repair or replacement. Windshields need to be handled by professionals at all times. Otherwise, there will be a risk of incorrect placement.

If you bought a used car from a dealer, it’s also possible that the windshield was already loose and you simply didn’t know. It may have been caused by irresponsible windshield repairs and replacements – and the previous owner failed to disclose it.

Other common causes of a loose windshield

The following are also known causes of a loose windshield:

  • Car accidents. Even if there are no visible cracks to the glass, there may be loose space between the windshield and the frame surrounding it.
  • Low quality windshield. Using cheap and poor quality glass to replace your windshield can make your vehicle more susceptible to road noise.
  • Extreme temperature changes. Sudden shifts in temperature will cause glass to expand and contract. This can result in unnoticeable breakage around the edges of the windshield and for noise to enter.


Will replacing my windshield really reduce road noise?

If you have a loose windshield, the answer is YES. Replacing it can reduce the amount of noise that gets inside your car. A properly installed windshield seals off sound and air, and keeps your vehicle properly pressurized.

However, there are a few things you should consider:


  • Only trust a professional auto glass repair shop. Make sure they have the appropriate licensing and certification to perform windshield repairs and replacement. Never take your car to a cheap car shop. They are usually ill-equipped and untrained for specialized windshield care. You will end up spending more later due to a bad repair job.
  • Make sure you’re getting a high quality windshield. If it needs to be replaced, see to it that the auto glass repair shop uses top quality glass. Preferably, it must be an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product and have a replacement warranty.
  • Choose a car repair shop with the best services. They must provide payment options for windshield replacement, as well as a service warranty so you can get the best value for your money.

How to prevent a chipped windshield from spreading

Windshield cracks can happen anywhere and at any time. You don’t even need to be driving for a chip to occur on your windshield. Changing temperatures can cause enough stress on your windshield that a crack can appear.

Cracks can be a real pain. If you are a driver in the know, you’ll be aware that chips can turn into cracks in no time. It doesn’t matter how small they start, any chip can turn into a huge crack. The longer you leave it, the more dangerous the crack becomes. Not only does it impair vision but it also damages the structural integrity of the windshield. The quicker you can prevent a chipped windshield from spreading, the better. Here’s what you need to know.

How auto glass works

Your windshield isn’t made from a single layer of glass. Unlike all of the other glass on your vehicle, your windshield is made from two layers of glass with a layer of laminate between them, This stops your windshield from shattering when it is involved in an accident. Normally, a chip will only affect the top layer. But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes debris can cause a crack large enough to pierce both layers. Naturally, chips of this kind need to be repaired immediately as the entire integrity of your windshield has been compromised.

Even if a chip only affects the top layer, however, water can still get in, freeze and then cause the crack to spread to the second layer. When water gets in, you’ll find your glass becomes even less visible because of mist or fog that forms inside.


Stop the chip from spreading by getting it repaired

Getting your chip repaired as quickly as possible is the only surefire way to stop it from spreading into a crack that requires the entire glass to be replaced. But don’t think you can repair the chip yourself, however. The is almost guaranteed to cause more damage in the long run. Instead, take your car to an auto glass repair shop as soon as possible. These experts will have the proper tools and equipment needed to properly repair the chip for good. It doesn’t matter how large or small the chip or crack is. Take it to an expert as soon as possible to stop a chip from spreading.


Using products to stop it spreading

Many people think that they can use store bought products to stop a chip from spreading. Many of these products will promise to stop a chip dead in their tracks. But despite these promises, there is no guarantee that they will work. If you’re thinking about using products, please think again. Even if you are only using products as a stop gap before taking your car to an expert, don’t. Take your car to a repair shop and let the experts stop your crack from spreading.

Why you need to trust an expert to fix your auto door glass

When it comes to fixing any problem on your car or truck, getting expert help is essential. Most drivers wouldn’t dream of trying to fix their car’s engine or brake system. Yet when it comes to their car’s glass, particularly the windows, some drivers think that it’s possible to do repairs themselves. Yet your car’s auto glass is just as important to get repaired by a professional as any other part of your vehicle. Trying to repair the problem on your own can put you, your passengers and your car at risk. It can also lead to more expensive repairs in the long run. In this post, we explain why it’s so important to trust a professional when it comes to repairing your car door auto glass.

Most modern cars come with power windows that allow passengers or the driver to open and close them at the push of a button. This works because of a device called a window regulator which is essentially a small motor located within the door. If this device becomes damaged, there is no way to open or close the windows. Damage to the regulator is the main reason that auto glass on car doors need to be repaired.

To repair the regulator means removing your car door’s interior panel. Doing this if you aren’t a professional can cause the following issues:


You make unnecessary repairs

As we have said, a window that doesn’t open or close could be because of the regulator. But that’s not only the reason that your car’s windows can get stuck. There could be a blown fuse, something could be stuck in the seal or the problem could be something else entirely. If you aren’t trained to diagnose the problem, you could end up fixing the wrong thing and causing more damage.


You could lose important parts

There is a huge amount of work involved with trying to access a window’s regulator. Dozens of bolts and screws need to be removed from the interior panel to access it. Unfortunately, it is incredibly easy to lose one of these parts if you don’t know what they are all for. Misplace one of them and you could cause permanent damage to your car door.


You could shatter the glass

Repairing the window regular means holding the door’s glass while you work. This can be a very precarious job if you aren’t a professional and don’t have the necessary tools. Drop it or mistreat it and the window could shatter and that will mean an expensive replacement.


You could damage the regulator

Even if you can get to the regulator, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to fix it. Without proper training, you could end up damaging the device further.

If you don’t do a perfect job — something that is difficult even for the professionals — you could end up damaging the window even further meaning more expensive and more extensive repairs.

The most common reasons people don’t repair their auto glass immediately

Drivers get chips in their windshields every day. Sometimes it’s through vandalism, sometimes it’s because of the weather and sometimes it’s because a piece of debris has hit the glass. No matter how it happened, however, the chip needs to be fixed immediately.

Unfortunately, that’s not the attitude of most drivers. Most drivers take their time getting their windshield fixed. This happens for a number of reasons and today we look at the top reasons why people wait to get their windshield repaired.


It’s a hassle

People are busy. Going to an auto glass shop to get a windshield repaired — however quick it takes — is an inconvenience that many people don’t want to deal with. Maybe they don’t have time or maybe they’d rather do something, anything else. It’s easy and understandable to put off getting a chip fixed, especially when it seems so small an innocuous. Unfortunately, the longer you leave it, the bigger hassle it will become. You’re not putting something off, you’re making it worse.


It’s a waste of time

Getting a chip repaired is often considered a waste of time by a lot of people. If drivers don’t understand the damage that a chip can cause, they don’t value the repair process. Why bother getting a tiny chip repaired if you don’t realize that it’s going to become a huge problem by leaving it? Everyone thinks their time is valuable and often getting a chip repaired is not considered a good use of time.


It’s too expensive

If people have never got a windshield chip repaired before, they can wrongly think that it is too expensive to deal with. Money can be tight and often people think they have better things to spend their money like groceries and gas rather than ‘waste’ money getting a tiny insignificant chip repaired, especially when it isn’t affecting their driving. Of course, the longer you leave it, the more expensive it will become.


It’s not going to get any worse

Many of our customers have told us that they simply don’t bother getting their chip repaired quickly because they don’t believe it can get any worse. They don’t realize that a chip can quickly turn into a crack — and far quicker than they realize.


It’s not dangerous to leave it

What harm is a tiny little crack going to do? That’s the attitude a lot of people have about chipped windshields. They don’t think a chip can do any harm, especially if they can still see the road. Of course, the reality is that a chip can make it much more likely that your windshield will shatter in an accident, putting you and your passengers in serious harm.

Don’t use one of these excuses the next time you notice a chip. Get it repaired quickly and cheaply by your nearest auto glass repair shop.

Why even the smallest crack needs windshield repair

There are a huge number of ways that your windshield can get damaged. A bit of debris from the road, a hailstone, a vandal, any of these can chip your windshield. But a small chip is nothing to worry about, right? You don’t really need to get it repaired, do you? After all, a tiny little scratch isn’t going to do any harm. Your windshield is still shielding you from the wind and debris from the road isn’t it? And you can still see out of it clearly, too.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Even the smallest chip needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Today we’ll explain exactly why that is.

Let’s look at an example of what happens when you’re involved in an accident with a chipped windshield. Normally if you were involved in an accident with an in-tact windshield, the airbags would deploy protecting you from hitting the dashboard or the windshield and protecting you from going straight through the glass. However, the tiniest chip in your windshield can destroy the integrity of the glass meaning that the smallest bump can be enough to shatter the glass and cause pieces to fly everywhere. Not only does this put you in danger of being cut by glass, it also weakens the protection offered by your airbags.

Let’s take another example. Say you are driving along a country road with a small chip in your windshield. Normally, if a bit of debris from the road flew up and hit your windshield you’d have nothing to worry about. It would just bounce off your windshield and you could go continue driving along the road. But if there is a chip in your windshield and piece of debris hits it, your entire windshield could shatter in an instance. Again, this is because the structural integrity of your windshield has been destroyed by the smallest chip.

It doesn’t matter how small the chip in your windshield is. If there is any sign of damage on your windshield, you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk by continuing to drive without geting it fixed. Not only that, but you are also costing yourself more money. A tiny chip can be fixed quickly and inexpensively by taking your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop. But the longer you leave it, the more expensive that repair will become. Eventually, you won’t be able to get it repaired at all and you’ll need to have the entire windshield replaced.

Don’t let a chip turn into a crack. Take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop as soon as you notice any sign of damage.

When it’s too late for auto glass repair?

Maybe it’s when you’re rushing around the city trying to find a space to park before your next meeting, maybe it’s when you’re on the way to the grocery store, or are late to pick the kids up from soccer practice. Whatever the scenario, we’ve all spotted a tiny crack on our windshield. Our stomach’s sink and we pray that it doesn’t turn into a crack.

What you do next is incredibly important. Do you forget about it and go back to your busy life? Or do you make a point to get it checked out as soon as possible and, if necessary, get it repaired? Your decision can have a big impact on your bank balance, your safety and your state of mind.

Let’s say you leave the crack and forget about it until the next time you get in the car. Then you notice it again, ignore it and forget about it until you get in the car again. This scenario continues until one day that tiny chip has turned into a huge crack. It’s much more noticeable now. In fact, you can’t even see parts of the road. It’s much more dangerous as a result. Not only is it obscuring your visibility, it’s making your car less structurally sound meaning any minor accident could shatter your window and cause serious harm to you and your passengers. You finally cave and get it checked by an auto glass repair center. The bad news is that you need to have the entire windshield replaced. This is going to take a few days and it’s not going to be cheap either.

This scenario didn’t have to occur. Just because you notice a chip in your windshield doesn’t mean it has to end with getting your entire windshield replaced. Let’s say you took your car to an auto glass repair shop the day after you noticed the crack. Instead of replacing the windshield, your auto glass technician informs you that you can have the windshield replaced there and then. It will only take a few minutes. Not only will it take a fraction of the time of a full replacement, it will also cost a fraction of the price, too. But it was only possible because you came into the shop as soon as possible.

So what are you going to do the next time you spot a chip in your windshield?

If you’re like the dozens of sensible vehicle owners we see every day, we’ll bet that you’ll bring your car to us as soon as possible. Because now you know that the longer you put of windshield repair, the more it’s going to cost.

How auto glass repair can save you money

A scratched or chipped windshield doesn’t always have to cost the earth to repair. While you may put off getting your windshield repaired until you can save up cash, this tactic may actually be costing you money in the long run. Often, the quicker you get your windshield repaired, the cheaper it will be.

It’s not just smart economically, it’s a sensible choice to get it repaired quickly, too. You may not think that a chipped or cracked windshield is anything to worry about, but it is actually a major safety concern that puts you and your passengers at risk. Even a tiny crack can threaten the integrity of your car’s structure meaning that the slightest accident can cause serious damage. If you’re serious about protecting you and your passengers and avoiding expensive insurance claims or hospital bills, you should get that chip repaired pronto.

The longer you leave the chip or crack, the more chance it has of spreading. If you bring in the car to an auto glass repair shop as soon as possible, it is highly likely that they will be able to repair the glass without needing to replace it. By injecting a special resin into the glass, a crack can disappear completely and the structural integrity of your car can be reclaimed.

But that might not be possible if you leave your car. Hot or cold temperatures, driving, debris from the road or another accident can all cause your chip to spread. A small chip can turn into a crack even if you don’t drive your car and leave it on your driveway. When a chip does turn into a crack, a repair may not be possible. Instead, you’ll have to pay a lot more to get your entire windshield replaced.

So don’t leave a chip hoping that it doesn’t spread. Don’t put off repairs until you are able to save some cash. Get your chip looked at by an expert auto glass repair company as soon as possible.


Get it repaired quickly and professionally at an auto glass repair center

When you take your car into an auto glass repair center, a chipped windshield can usually be repaired then and there in just a few minutes. It’s also surprisingly affordable, especially when compared with the price of a new windshield.

You may think you’ll be able to save money by buying a DIY repair kit rather than taking your car to the experts. But this can also cost you money in the long run. DIY kits are not effective repairs and they can lead to further damage. So not only will you have to pay for the kit itself, you’ll also have to pay for further repairs (or a replacement windshield) when the DIY kit inevitably fails.

The smart, sensible and cost-effective choice is to always take your car to an auto glass repair specialist as soon as you notice a chip.

The different types of auto repair services and professionals

There are many different auto repair services available to you when your car gets damaged. In fact, there are so many it can all get a bit confusing. It’s important that consumers understand the difference between each service and each professional providing it. Here’s a full breakdown of every kind of auto repair service that you could use and the people providing them.


Auto servicing and service technicians

These are the people who carry out routine servicing on your car or truck. This includes checking oil and fluid levels, electrical wiring and things like your lights and brakes. If there’s a problem with your vehicle, you can trust these guys to pick it up. Because problems can occur with your car, it’s worth taking your vehicle into a service center once a year.


Diagnostic technicians

Diagnostic technicians are a lot like service technicians. They are a little more specialized, however. Rather than fixing problems, they use specialist tools to diagnose underlying problems with your car. Typically, this will cover all of the things that you can’t see with the naked eye like electrical issues, your car’s ignition and the underlying technology that makes the car run. As vehicles are becoming more advanced, the importance of diagnostics is increasing.


Engine, brake and transmission experts

Some auto shops and technicians may specialize in checking and repairing your auto’s key systems like it’s engine, transmission, and brakes. All of these systems are critical to your car’s drivability and safety, meaning you can often pay a premium if you visit a specialist center.


Body repair centers

When your vehicle is involved in an accident, an auto body repair center will have it looking as good as new in an instant. Auto body repair centers are experts at repairing or replacing worn out or damaged body parts, as well as headlights and things like your car’s axels and steering system. If you’re involved in an accident you’ll almost certainly need to turn to an auto body repair center to repair your car’s cosmetic damage. In fact, these centers are the only place you should turn to.


Auto paint experts

Whether you are involved in an accident or just fancy getting a fresh coat of paint applied to your vehicle, auto paint experts are here to ensure your ride looks as fresh as possible. It’s not possible to apply auto paint yourself, so it’s always necessary to visit an expert. Even after an accident where paint has been scraped of your vehicle, these experts can match the color and have your vehicle looking as good as new.


Autoglass repair specialists

This is us — experts in repairing and replacing your vehicle’s glass. Whether it’s your windshield or windows, auto glass experts can safely and securely remove, repair and replace your auto glass. If you’ve been involved in an accident, it will almost always be necessary to have an auto glass specialist to replace your car’s glass. But replacement may not be necessary in other cases. If you notice a small chip, we can repair it quickly and cheaply without having to replace the entire windshield.