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5 Things NOT to Do While Driving (Part 2)

In 5 Things NOT to Do While Driving (Part 2), I have started a list of NOT to do while you’re in your car. For this batch, I have including tips such as changing clothes, applying makeup, and many more. Read more about it below: No headsets, earphones, and anything to hinder your hearing. You […]

5 Things NOT to Do While Driving (Part 1)

When you are learning how to drive, you are mostly told what to do. You are given just the driving basics and list of rules to follow. Fundamentally, you know what to do. However, no one tells you WHAT NOT TO DO! There are things that could end up reducing the lifespan of your car, […]

5 Driving Emergencies and How to Handle Them

Accidents can happen any time, and no one can fully prepare for it. That’s why we all do our very best to be equipped with necessary knowledge in case we experience any driving emergencies on the road. Today, I will the different road emergencies and tips on how to handle them with ease. 1. Smashed […]

Should I Repair Car Rust on My Own?

After talking about The Causes of Car Rust and The Common Car Rust Locations, you might ask yourself if it’s totally fine to do a rust and corrosion repair on your own. Today, I will discuss that concern plus I will share tips on preventing car rust. Should I do a DIY rust repair? Don’t […]

The Common Car Rust Locations

In my article on The Causes of Car Rust, I discussed the common types of rust, and the common causes of rust. For this blog post, I will share the common car rust locations and the usual indications of car rust. Where do you usually find rust on your car? Rust can appear anywhere on […]

The Causes of Car Rust

No matter how visually stunning your car is, rust will find its way to penetrate your car. So, how do you handle car rust? In this blog post, I will discuss the possible causes of rust on your car. Here, we run through the car parts most prone to rusting, what rust could mean for […]

The Importance of Oil Change to Your Vehicle

Your car is subject to different routine maintenance checks, and one of the most important steps is to regularly change your car’s oil. Why is this? The car’s engine is composed of various parts, and in order for these parts to function well, it has to be proper lubricated. Eventually, the engine oil gets contaminated […]

3 Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Teach Your Kids (Part 2)

In 3 Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Teach Your Kids (Part 2), I have shared vehicle preparations that you can teach your kids. The new year may bring us a mixed bag of emotions, but we should not let anxiety drag us down. For us to have a peace of mind, we can always teach our […]

3 Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Teach Your Kids (Part 1)

It’s finally 2021! The new year brings new life lessons. If you decide on teaching kids about car maintenance, this is where you should start. Yes, I know cars can be complicated to maneuver literally and figuratively. As parents, there will always be that anxiety within us. Instead these things weighing us down, it is […]

3 Tips in Demisting Your Windshield

Demisting your windshield is important before starting your travel plans for the day. If you won’t, how will you see the road clearly?  This can hinder your view and distort your vision while driving. What is the cause of the mist? Your car windshield is misting up because of the water vapor in the atmosphere. […]