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Why Replacing Windshields Might Soon Get Harder

The automotive industry is one of the fastest evolving markets. Due to the unprecedented influx of technology, keeping up with the latest innovations can be quite difficult. This is especially true for car parts and accessories with its dozens of innovations. Take the windshield, for example. Windshields are an integral part of a vehicle. While […]

When Can You Drive After Windshield Replacement?

You’ve recently had your windshield replaced due to some irreparable damage, and you find you’re pressed for time. You begin to wonder if you have to wait for an entire day before you’re finally able to drive your car and resume your day-to-day activities. You might consider taking a bus or the subway. Then again, […]

What You Need To Know About Side Mirror Auto Glass Replacement

Side mirrors are safety features which have been designed to help keep you safe while driving. They are useful for maneuvering, especially in making sharp reversals and quick turns, or when overtaking slow-moving vehicles on the highway. It should come as no surprise that a broken side mirror is considered a safety hazard. When a […]

What Size Windshield Wipers Do You Need?

Imagine you’re driving in heavy rain. Nothing could be worse than struggling to get a clear view of the road, simply because your windshield wipers are not doing an effective job of removing most of the surface water. The wipers you have are probably not the right size for your vehicle. Now you might wonder […]

Summer Heat and Chipped Windows: What You Need to Know

It’s the height of summer, and for one reason or another, you have a chip in your windshield. Unfortunately, you lack the funds to address it. Or maybe you don’t have time to get it repaired. Naturally, you’d be worried that it will only get worse the longer you wait. If the damage is too […]

How To Keep Your Windshield Clear

Having a clear windshield is of utmost importance if you’re concerned about safety while on the road. When you have a dull, foggy, or scratched windshield, it can mean all the difference between staying safe and an accident waiting to happen. Keeping your windshield clear and protected from damage isn’t all that difficult. Unfortunately, there […]

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Windshield?

Did you ever get a cracked windshield but never found the time to get it repaired or replaced? You’re probably one of those people who think it’ll take forever to get it fixed, or that you’ll have to dish out a huge amount of money. Well, you’re in for a surprise because windshield replacement is […]

Everything You Need To Know About How Auto Glass Is Made

Your windshield is durable for a reason. It acts as a shelter that protects passengers and the car’s interiors from debris and weather conditions. It prevents your vehicle’s roof from caving in during rollover accidents and high-impact collisions. When it breaks, it doesn’t shatter into sharp jagged pieces the way normal glass would, thus minimizing […]

Does Windshield Replacement Affect Your Insurance?

Getting auto insurance is most likely a legal requirement which you have to comply with, as with most states in the United States. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy insurance for your vehicle. There are hundreds of companies offering these policies, and considering their different iterations, you’ll never be out of options. You […]

Can Your Scratched Auto Glass Be Saved?

A scratched windshield is something you could ignore. But in rare cases, it can be dangerous. Auto repair companies often suggest that if there are deep scratches, dings, or even microabrasions on its surface, you should consider getting it replaced. With enough damage, these imperfections can hamper your road visibility and increase your risk for […]