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Arizona Driving Hazards You Need to Know About

Just like any area, Arizona has a number of road hazards. Depending on where you drive, incidents could happen from time to time. The good news is that there are things you can do to prevent yourself from getting hurt. Here are Arizona’s most common driving hazards and the things you need to do to […]

Bad Driving Habits You Need to Stop

Many of us have bad driving habits that we need to stop. The trouble is bad habits die hard. Worse still, forming bad habits is easy, especially if it’s easier than following the laws. Keep your bad habits up and you will put the safety of yourself and other drivers at risk. Here are the […]

Great Driving Habits You Need to Adopt

Whether you are an experienced driver or a new one, it pays to learn good driving habits. Great habits will keep you safe and it is also a good service to other drivers. It makes even more sense given the escalating number of fatalities being recorded each year. So if you want to be a […]

How to avoid hitting cyclists with your car

Bicycles are one of the biggest forms of transportation in the United States. You will find lanes for cyclists in many areas. Still, in many areas, cycling on the road is the only way to get around and considered normal. When this is the case, you have to be extra careful not to hit cyclists […]

How to Clean the Inside of Your Car Windshield

Are you finding it hard to see the road? If the inside of your windshield is dirty, it’s time for a clean. Taking the time to polish the inside of your windshield every now and then to remove grime and dirt will give you a better view of the road. As a result, it will […]

How to Not Get Ripped Off for Repairs

You’re meant to get peace of mind when you go to an auto body repair shop. But for a few the experience ends badly. It’s why some car owners have evolved a distrustful relationship with auto body repair experts. The good news is that this won’t be the case with most repair technicians. Of course, […]

The Best Wiper Blades for Your Car

Wiper blades play an important role in your driving experience. They are particularly important during extreme weather, whether that is snow, a sandstorm or heat. You need your wiper blades to withstand a lot so it’s important to use the best ones for your car. How do I know if my wiper blades are in […]

What Does it Cost to Replace My Windshield

When your windshield is damaged, it needs to be replaced or repaired to keep the safety of your vehicle ensured. Research from the National Windshield Repair Association shows the average cost of a windshield replacement is about $350, while the average windshield repair costs about $99. Here at A+ Plus Auto Glass, we provide same-day […]

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Auto Body Reviews

Reviews can speak a lot about the quality of service that a repair shop provides. If you’re planning on using an auto body shop, you need to check online reviews. These kinds of reviews may show clear facts about a repair shop that will save you from the pain and hassle that customers have experienced […]

Why you need to use a windshield cover

Windshield covers are a great way to protect your auto glass whether it is hot or cold. Rather than exposing your windshield to sunlight and snow, you can lessen the impact of harsh conditions by covering it. Yes, windshield covers aren’t thick enough to properly insulate your car but they do bring a lot of […]