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Why It’s Best To Let Professionals Tint Your Windows

Most new vehicles come with pre-installed tinted windows straight out of the factory. It looks great on a new car. Unfortunately, that’s all there is too it. Factory tinted windows serve no more than an aesthetic purpose. This is why it’s best to have professionals tint your windows. What is factory tint?   Factory tint […]

What You Need to Know Before Tinted Windshield Installation

A tinted windshield is a costly investment. Before you decide on having one installed, there are six things you should consider. 1. What is your car warranty coverage?   Check if you can have windshield tint installed. Some car manufacturers can void your warranty. Try to determine when you can have your windows tinted without […]

What To Do If Your Autoglass Is Damaged On Vacation

Traveling by plane sure is convenient. But there are few things better than jumping in a car and heading out on a classic American road trip. It’s a cheap, fun and practical way to get around the country. Plus, you get to see plenty of places before you even reach your destination! The problem with […]

The 8 Benefits of Window Tint

When you first buy a car, you’ll notice that the windows won’t have any tint on them. It’s a standard for new cars to have clear, untinted windows straight out of manufacturing. For buyers, it’s nice for appreciating the car’s interior. But a car owner would think otherwise. There are several good reasons why cars […]

Shouldn’t All Vehicles Have Bulletproof Glass?

The world is a dangerous place. Anybody who keeps up with the news knows how bad things are these days. One way to keep safe is to have bulletproof windows installed in your car. What is Bulletproof Glass?   Bulletproof glass is technically the same as regular glass. However, it’s equipped with plenty of improved […]

How To Remove Sticky Things From Your Autoglass

Let’s face it. It’s been years since you last did some “spring cleaning” on your windshield. By now, you’ve already collected a bunch of stickers and decals — and you’re wondering how to remove them. In this guide, we’ll show you some neat tips and tricks on how to remove anything sticky from your autoglass. Tip […]

How Strong Are Modern Windshields?

You’ve probably seen a TV or movie scene where someone hits the windshield with a crowbar or baseball bat. Or maybe it’s vehicles hitting lamposts. Either way, it’s a common trope for windshields to shatter into tiny pieces. But this only happens in Hollywood – not in real life. Modern windshields are quite strong. They […]

How Do Ice-Free Windshields Work?

Our windshields serve as our defense against outdoor elements while we drive. And in the freezing cold, the idea of an ice-free windshield becomes heaven-sent. Ice-free windshields are not new. They have been around for years but the technology is yet to be perfected. The first units have wires all over the glass to heat […]

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Windshields

Smart windshields are the latest talk of car town. But like any new technology, it has raised some valid concerns in the automotive industry. Are smart windshields safe? What are the benefits of windshields for the modern driver? Above all, when will they be available on the market? Let’s find out.   What is a […]

Don’t Drive for Long With A Cracked Windshield

A car’s windshield gives you a clear and unobstructed view of the road. By protecting you from elements such as dust and rain, you can enjoy better visibility. Windshields will also keep you safe from rocks and objects that may cause injury. Needless to say, a windshield can take quite a beating. But that doesn’t […]