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Why Don’t Windshields Shatter?

Have you ever wondered why your windshield doesn’t shatter completely during a major collision? Although the windshield may shatter, it will stick together to prevent the sharp pieces from going airborne. This is because modern vehicles are equipped with stronger windshields that sport a plastic film. This plastic layer holds the tiny pieces of broken […]

Why Do Windshields Fog Up?

Have you ever experienced driving on a road with your windshield slowly fogging up? This is both a scary and alarming situation, especially if you’re driving at highway speed. The fogging can happen within minutes after you hit the road. What causes fogging and what can you do to prevent it? Reasons for fogging Most […]

What to Do When Your Car Gets Broken Into

What will you do if one morning you discover that your car has been broken into? Across the country, property crime including car theft and break-ins are major concerns. As thieves target vehicles, the owners are becoming smarter and smarter in preventing the bad guys from pursuing their dark motives.   There’s no guaranteed way […]

Removing Difficult Stains from Your Auto Glass

Your car gets exposed to stubborn outdoor dirt every day. At some point, you’ll notice stains on your auto glass which can be very difficult to remove. While DIY solutions may lighten the smear, they often aren’t enough to erase all of it. However, not all car owners have the time and resources to seek […]

How to Stop Your Wipers from Squeaking

So you’re driving on a rainy day when you start hearing a squeaking noise. Where is it coming from? It’s only when you turn the wipers off that you find out the problem. Squeaking wipers aren’t just annoying, the noise means that your wipers aren’t working efficiently. They might actually damage your windshield in the […]

How to Recycle Broken Windshields

Although windshields are made of incredibly strong glass, it can still shatter in the event of a major accident. Falling objects and blunt force will also send auto glass shattering into pieces. After the replacement, the shattered glass can be turned into something else. Recycling a broken or damaged windshield includes various processes. Still, a […]

How to Fix Scratched Auto Glass

Are there annoying scratches on your auto glass? These little dings are easy to fix at home using a simple kit. The key here is doing early fixes to prevent the small scratch from getting bigger as you drive. Shallow scratches can be dealt with at home with the help of a few products. Bigger […]

How to Find Good Auto Glass Warranties

When you get your car repaired, it’s always wise to look for a warranty. Although this isn’t a requirement in the industry, a complete or limited warranty will have you covered in case of defects or issues related to the repairs arise. Each auto body shop will have varying warranty terms and it pays to […]

How to Apply Windshield Glass Sealant

Leaky windshields are driving hazards, not to mention destructive for the car’s interior. Although this is a big headache, there’s an easy fix that you can do: applying a sealant. This should be applied on the edge of the windshield and the gasket to prevent moisture from seeping in. But how do you apply it […]

Busting the Leading Windshield Myths

Your windshield plays an important role in the safety of your driving. It’s only after you’ve experienced an accident that you’ll realize how significant it is to maintain the quality of your auto glass. Debris, wind, dust, leaves, and bugs may go flying straight to your vision without this layer of defense. But as much […]