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Why You Should Repair Auto Glass Before Tinting

Here in Arizona, people love to tint their car windows. And why not. It looks cool and it is a great way to keep the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating your window and turning your car into an oven. But what happens when your window gets chipped or cracked prior to tinting. Should you […]

What You Need to Know about Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard

Your windshield is one of the biggest pieces of safety equipment on your vehicle. It protects you from the wind, from debris, and from the weather. Without it, driving would be a heck of a lot less safe. The good news is that there are equally stringent safety standards when it comes to auto glass […]

What is the future of windshields?

The world of auto technology is constantly changing and evolving. New techniques and ideas are being introduced every year. Analog dashboards are now digital. Vehicles now have cameras and sensors to aid with parking. Electric cars are becoming far more common. The windshield is one of the areas of a vehicle that has remained traditional […]

Should You Install Used Auto Glass?

The very short answer to this question is no. It is against the law in many states for auto glass repair shops to sell you previously used auto glass. Here at A+ Plus Auto Glass, we only sell new OEM or aftermarket auto glass that has never been used on a car before and that […]

A Rock-chipped Windshield: To Repair or Replace?

There is all manner of debris, pebbles and tiny stones on the road that can damage your windshield when driving. The damage can be particularly frequent if you live in a rural area or in a town where the roads are not well maintained. Thankfully, the damage caused by this kind of debris is rarely […]

How Opposing Temperatures Affect Your Glass

Shifting temperatures, particularly when the temperature inside the car is different to the temperature outside the car, can have a number of different effects on your auto glass. In some cases, they can even cause damage to your vehicle’s glass. If that’s the case, bring your car into A+ Auto Glass for an exceptional repair […]

How Auto Glass Repair Can Childproof Your Car

Damaged windshields or side windows can be incredibly dangerous for child passengers. Wherever they sit in the car, whether it is the back or the front, they are at risk if any of the surrounding glass is not intact. Here’s why you need to use a quality auto glass repair center like A+ Plus Auto […]

Don’t Cover Your Window with Plastic. Get It Repaired

Everyone has seen someone driving with plastic or tarpaulin covering a broken window. Perhaps you have even been guilty of it yourself. While this may seem like a quick fix for people in a hurry, there are many problems with using plastic to cover your window. Do it for a day by all means but […]

Danger: Your Sunroof Could Explode

It sounds like something out of a horror movie or even a slapstick comedy. But this headline is not a joke. That’s because the word on the street is that many, many sunroofs on SUVs and other vehicles have been exploding without warning. So what the heck is happening and what can you do about […]

Car window not opening? Broken auto glass could be the problem

Have you been struggling to roll up one of your vehicle’s side windows recently? If so it may not be a problem with the rolling device or with your car’s door. The problem could be the window itself. Car windows can crack out of sight There’s more to your vehicle’s side windows than meets the […]