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What to do when your windshield cracks

No one likes noticing a crack on their windshield is never nice, but every driver reacts differently. Some will be understandably worried about the crack spreading and causing untold damage to their windshield. Others will take a more laidback approach, choosing to ignore the crack as they don’t want to waste time on repairs. A […]

The Most Common Window Damage Repair Mistakes

Although intended to be a fix, window damage repair can be the cause of more problems if done improperly. Fixing cracks, leaks, and chips in your car windows isn’t like patching a hole in the wall. It’s an intricate job that requires skill and careful planning. Some drivers try to use kits that they purchase […]

Spotting a Cracked Windshield and What to Do about It

Spotting windshield cracks before they have a chance to get bigger is important to keep both you and your vehicle safe. But most drivers rarely inspect their windshields. Don’t be one of these drivers. Spotting a crack early can save you time, stress and money. How to spot a cracked windshield Taking the time to […]

Replacing vs. Repairing Glass

Can a repair fix the damage or is a windshield replacement required? This is a common question drivers ask themselves when they find a crack in their windshields. Some factors including the visibility of the glass as well as the extent of the crack will be vital to consider. For drivers, it’s important to assess […]

OEM or Aftermarket Glass: What Should You Choose?

When it comes to getting your car windshield replaced, your auto glass shop will probably give you two choices: OEM glass or aftermarket glass. Confused? You won’t be after reading this post. We’ll explain the difference between OEM and aftermarket glass and which you should choose. Defining the Terms A lot of drivers, regardless of […]

How to Tell Your Windshield was Not Installed Correctly

Windshields are an important feature of any vehicle, keeping out dust, rain, and wind. They even help drivers avoid the glare of the sun and protect them from dirt and debris that litters the road. But an improperly installed windshield doesn’t do any of those things. in fact, it is a safety hazard and a […]

How to stop a windshield crack from spreading

The worst thing about a windshield crack is that it can happen anywhere and at any time. Often, you may not even notice it for a few days. And that means that the crack can slowly start to spread without your knowledge until it resembles a spider’s web. When a crack reaches this point, it […]

How to Assess Auto Glass Warranties

Nearly all auto glass repair shops will offer some form of warranty for their customers. Some may offer a lifetime warranty, but most will offer a limited warranty that will ensure you get the most out of your investment and that the repairs are ‘insured’ and against any minor defects or issues that may arise […]

Does Insurance Cover Auto Glass Replacement?

Windshield replacement can be costly, something that discourages many vehicle owners from visiting an auto glass repair center. But the truth is that most insurers actually cover windshield repair in their policies. Rather than worrying about how much a repair will cost, read our guide to auto glass repair and car insurance first. Do you […]

How long can you drive with a cracked windshield?

The windshield is the most important piece of glass in every car. It prevents outside elements like rain and dust from wrecking havoc inside and ensures optimum safety and visibility while driving. But because it is built from glass, it’s naturally susceptible to cracking and breaking. Windshield cracks are the bane of all driver. And […]