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Why Take Your Company Car to an Auto Body Shop

Company cars are investments so they should always be kept in good condition. This is enough reason to take company vehicles to an auto body shop regularly. Aside from keeping the cars looking good, it will also help prevent tiny damage that may branch out into bigger issues. From itty-bitty scratches, dings, dents, and fading, […]

Which Technologies Reduce Your Risk of Traffic Collisions?

Driving is full of surprises. Accidents happen each day and there’s no telling when you’ll figure in one. Still, you can utilize various technologies to reduce your risk of traffic collisions and other driving accidents. Over the years, the automotive industry has evolved to make roads safer for all drivers. Here, we’ll discuss five of […]

When is the Most Dangerous Time to Drive?

There’s always a risk on the road for drivers. Even if you’re a responsible motorist, you don’t have any guarantee that other drivers are the same. You may encounter accidents along the way, including collisions, crashes, bumping, and more. Still, there’s a way to dodge accidents by being alert and knowing the most dangerous time […]

What You Need to Know About Drive Thru Car Washes

Drive-thru car washes are common and you’ve probably been in one at least once in the past month. It’s a great way to clean your car, not to mention that you’re not going to do any of the work. But while your vehicle advances through the car wash zones, have you ever wondered what goes […]

What You Need to Know About Airbags

Airbags are one of the safety features of your car. They dislodge during impact to cushion the blow and to prevent your body from hitting the dashboard. But aside from this fact, there are a lot more you have to know about airbags. You’ll be surprised how critical they are for your safety. So before […]

What I-CAR Accreditation Means

The technicians in an auto shop aren’t just licensed to make your car look good. They are also responsible for keeping the roadworthiness of your vehicle by abiding by various standards and regulations. If you figure in a collision, you should seek the service of an I-CAR accredited mechanic or auto shop. But what is […]

What Car Maintenance Can You Do at Home?

While it’s true that regular visits to an auto shop are good for your car, there are some maintenance drills that you can perform at home. This way, you can save money and get to know more about how your car works. Take note that these are just simple tasks that even novice car owners […]

The Importance of OEM for Auto Body Shops

During car repairs, you can choose between an OEM and an aftermarket part. OEM parts are original components produced by that particular car brand. However, they come with a higher price tag. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are off-brand and mass-produced and come at a lower cost. You might be thinking why you would […]

How to Avoid Hitting Animals with Your Car

About a million animals end up as roadkill each day across the United States. This staggering number isn’t just a threat to the wildlife roaming near major roads, but also to drivers. Large animals like moose and deer can wreck the hood of the car and cause accidents. So to protect yourself, your car, and […]

Credentials Every Auto Body Shop Should Have

Whenever you bring your car to an auto shop, the first thing you should check is how skilled the technicians are. Regardless if your insurer suggested the company, you have the freedom to choose which shop repairs your vehicle. Choosing the right auto shop is critical in getting the best repairs at a reasonable cost. […]