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What You Need to Know About Aftermarket Auto Parts

Aftermarket parts are those that are mass-produced and sold for a lower price. It’s often described as the opposite of OEM parts. Aftermarket parts are affordable and easy to access, much so if you need immediate repairs. Still, you have to consider some factors to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality piece. Aftermarket parts aren’t […]

What to Ask Your Mechanic Every Time You Get Your Car Serviced

Once in a while, you’ll need to bring your car to an auto body shop. Some of these visits could be unplanned. And if it’s your first time hiring a mechanic, you have to be informed to avoid being ripped off.  So if you’re going to an auto body shop to get your car repaired, […]

What Are Your Rights as an Auto Body Shop Customer?

As a car owner, you’d have to pay several visits to the auto body shop at some point. It could be for new paint, waxing, or repairs. It’s good if you have an auto body shop you can trust. But if you’re a total beginner, you should know your right as a customer. This way, […]

The Damage Potholes Do to Your Car

Potholes are unsightly and can also cause damage to your car. If you’re consistently exposing your vehicle to this uneven surface, it will cause expensive repairs. It may also damage the car’s undercarriage without you noticing. So before your car bears the brunt potholes, you might as well know the following damages that may occur: […]

I’ve Totaled My Vehicle But I Still Owe Money. Now What?

Your car getting totaled is both financially and emotionally wrecking. This is much true if you still owe money from your car loan. In this case, the process of filing for an insurance claim becomes more complicated than usual. No one can predict an accident, especially if another driver is at fault. But in any […]

How to Stay Safe While Driving

Knowing how to stay safe while driving is something every driver must learn. Aside from avoiding harm themselves, drivers are also doing their fellow motorists a big favor. So before you hit the road again, make sure that you have these safety tips in mind. These are basic tips that will make a big difference […]

How Seatbelts Keep You Safe And Why You Need To Wear One

Seatbelts are made for one important purpose: to keep you safe. This should go without saying, but buckling up before you hit the road is a must. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 15,000 lives back in 2016. These numbers are enough to explain why seat belts play a major role […]

Here’s How to Protect Your New Car

So you just bought a new car and planning to make it last longer. But with the harsh conditions of the outdoors, it’s quite daunting to flaunt your new vehicle. Take note that your car will be exposed to rain, sunlight, dust, and other elements. Aside from that, leaving your car parked for hours outdoors […]

Exposing the Top Car Maintenance Myths

As a car owner, you probably heard of a myth or two about vehicle maintenance. Some are quite believable, which leads some car owners to do the wrong thing. The trouble is they can cause unnecessary expense and more damage to a vehicle. So if you want to avoid such hiccups, you might as well […]

A Schedule to Care For Your Car

Many of us wonder when the best time is for car maintenance. Others just get by without getting their car checked for years. Such a habit may lead to surprise problems, which will also compromise your safety on the road. Take note that keeping your vehicle in good condition is a great way to increase […]