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Why Do Auto Glass Repair Estimates Differ?

If you’re shopping around for auto glass repairs, you might be surprised why each provider has different estimates. It’s not that some are trying to rip you off. It’s just that some factors affect their pricing and how they deal with repairs. Remember this: simple questions can have different answers. The same goes for auto […]

What Happens When You Are Hit by an Uninsured Driver?

No matter how careful you are as a driver, other motorists may not be as responsible as you. Getting hit by another driver is a big problem, but it’s even bigger if they aren’t insured. The numbers may surprise you: 1 in every 7 American drivers doesn’t have basic car insurance. So what happens when […]

Signs of a Bad Auto Glass Repair Shop

Your car is an investment, so when it needs repairs, you only want a trusted company to help. But you should know that the auto industry has a few bad apples. That’s why you should be watchful for some tell-tale signs of a bad auto shop. So the next time that you look for someone […]

Signs it’s Time to Get a New Windshield

Your windshield takes a beating from outdoor elements. Over time, it will sustain damage, cracks, and dings. Some of the damage can be repaired, while some may require a new windshield or other auto glass. Unfortunately, a lot of car owners don’t know when it’s time to replace their windshields. As much as technicians may […]

How to Lower Your Auto Insurance

Many of the car owners we’ve met have one simple goal: to lower their insurance premiums. Although all of us need car insurance, it doesn’t mean that we have to pour a fortune into it. Before you purchase a policy, make sure that you have done your homework and a little research. Here are some […]

How to Keep Your Car in Great Shape for as Long as Possible

Keeping your car in great shape is a good way to save money by avoiding repairs and extend the lifespan of your vehicle. Don’t fret because, with some simple steps, you can prevent expensive repairs and your car will stay in shape for as long as possible. This way, you wouldn’t have to dig into […]

Debunking Collision Repair Myths

Having your car repaired after a collision is a big responsibility. If you fall victim to some of the myths that surround the industry, the process could become a nightmare. Below we will go through some of these myths and get to the bottom of them. Myth: Your insurer is always right about the estimate […]

Comparing Collision and Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Collision and comprehensive auto insurance are two different policies that will secure your vehicle. However, not all car owners recognize the difference or the benefits of each. So for this post, we will compare the two coverage policies and what you should know about it. Collision coverage A collision insurance coverage covers the damages your […]

Common Auto Glass Scams You Need to Look Out For

The auto glass industry is a pretty good industry as a whole. But like any industry, there are a few scams that try to separate customers from their money. Some are tricky and difficult to spot. Still, with the right knowledge, you can avoid these scams and you can save yourself from the hassle. Next […]

Clearing up Car Insurance Myths

Dozens of myths surround the automotive industry. Some are ridiculous, while others get to victimize many car owners. In this situation, knowledge is power. Being informed is the key to identifying myths and knowing what’s best for you and your vehicle. For this post, we will debunk some of these myths: Myth: Your credit score […]