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Will a Cracked Windshield Get Me a Ticket?

Many drivers worry about a cracked windshield. Aside from blocking their line of sight, they also fear that they may get a traffic ticket because of it. Depending on what state you’re in, a cracked windshield may actually land you with a traffic ticket. Each state has its own laws concerning the extent of damage […]

What Could Have Caused my Cracked Windshield?

So you just finished a tiring day at work. You walk to your car only to discover cracks on your windshield. The first thing that will come to mind will be what happened and what caused the glass to crack. In an outdoor setting, a lot of things can cause such damage. Still, the following […]

The History of Auto Glass

The automotive industry has gone through a lot of change over the years. One of the most improved and innovative components are windshields. This part of your car has gone through various revamps with the emergence of new technologies. What started off as brittle glass, windshields are now tougher and more durable than ever in […]

Is it Wise to Replace My Windshield before Selling My Car?

Cracks and dings on your windshield don’t just look unsightly. They also reduce the value of your vehicle and reduce its saleability. If you’re planning to sell your car, you have the option to have your windshield changed. It’s not a must, but in some cases, it will increase the value of your car and […]

Is Gorilla Glass the Future of Auto Glass?

Ever since auto glass became a standard in the industry, it has experienced significant change. Thanks to the emergence of various technologies, auto glass is becoming tougher and safer. One of the latest innovations in auto glass is the so-called ‘Gorilla Glass’. Marketed as a tough, durable, yet lightweight, Gorilla Glass is taking the industry […]

How to Tell if Your Insurance Covers Windshield Repair

Windshield damage doesn’t just compromise your driving safety. It’s also an added expense since it needs immediate repairs. Fret not, because in most cases your insurance policy will cover a large portion of the cost. This way, you only need to shell out a small amount instead of paying for everything at once. However, you […]

How to Stop a Crack from Spreading

A falling object, an airborne pebble, intense temperature, all can cause the glass in your car to crack. At first, these cracks may look small. But if you leave it sitting for too long, these tiny cracks will create fissures that will spread all over your auto glass. If that happens, you won’t be able […]

How to Cover a Broken Car Window Temporarily

A broken car window is a big hassle, especially if you can’t drop by an auto shop right away. In these situations, you need a temporary solution to patch up the broken window. Don’t let a broken car window stay open, especially if you’re driving. The continuous exposure to outdoor elements may cause further damage […]

How to Care for Your New Windshield

After getting your damage windshield repaired, you must protect it from now on. This will help you prevent expensive repairs while keeping you safe while driving. To ensure that your auto glass will remain in good shape, you should try the following tips: Don’t drive yet Right after the replacement of your windshield, avoid the […]

Can Car Dealers Repair Windshields

When your windshield sustains damage, you only want the best to repair it for you. This is why some car owners ask their dealers to fix it for them. But is your dealer really equipped for such a job? In most cases, they will be. But you have to ask some questions first to guarantee […]