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What You Need to Know About Window Repair Scams

Unfortunately, scams lurk within the auto glass repair industry. Shops and individuals that promise to provide “quality” repairs for a bargain price still victimize car owners. So to prevent yourself from being the next target, you should have an idea about their shady schemes. The ‘influencers’ These so-called “influencers” will try to sway you into […]

What You Need to Know About Installing Convertible Glass

A convertible car is a very cool vehicle. Nothing beats having the top-down during a hot summer day. However, if the weather doesn’t abide, your convertible top should be ready for an emergency closing. But what if the convertible glass detached from the convertible top? Before it becomes a hassle on your road trip, you […]

What You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Car’s Windows

It’s essential to keep your car windows and windshield clean at all times. It gives you full visibility while driving, and it also makes your vehicle look well-kept. But unlike washing the dishes, you simply can’t use just about any product. Moreover, car windows have to be cleaned properly to avoid streaking and scratches. If […]

What You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Car Windows Inside and Out

Keeping your car windows clean is both a matter of aesthetics and visibility. Also, by cleaning it, you can spot streaks and dings that you can get repaired right away. But aside from cleaning from the outside, you should also clean your windows from the inside. This is even more important if you’re driving around […]

What You Need to Know About Breaking into Your Own Car

Did you lock yourself out of your own car? If this is the case, you’ll need to break into it while ensuring that you’re not damaging anything. Still, fret not. The solutions range from simple household items paired with a little patience. Here’s how: *Use the shoestring method The shoestring method is probably the easiest […]

Tips and Tricks for Fixing Electric Windows

Electric or power windows have been a trend in modern cars. It gives the driver full control over the rear and side windows of the vehicle. However, when it gets stuck, it could be challenging to fix. But fret not because, for this post, we will give some practical tips on how to deal with […]

The Steps We Take to Repair a Sunroof

A sunroof is a great vehicle feature as it lets in natural light. It’s also made of durable glass that doesn’t shatter easily. However, if a large branch or a rock came falling onto it, your sunroof may cave in. Like in any glass parts of your vehicle, immediate sunroof repair is needed. This way, […]

How to Replace Power Windows

Power windows are one of the latest automobile technologies. However, when they experience too much wear and tear, a replacement might be needed. In this post, we will teach you how we replace power windows so you’ll have an idea the next time you visit our auto shop. Step 1. Removing the door panel Regardless […]

How to Keep Your Car Warm When it’s Cold

Warming up your car during winter can be damaging if you don’t do it right. Still, it doesn’t mean you’re going to sit in the cold while waiting for the heat to kick in. For this post, we will give you some tips on how to keep your car warm during the winter season without […]

Everything You Need to Know About Replacing a Side Window

Our cars play a significant role in our day to day activities. With increased mileage also comes wear and tear. Aside from the engine, your side windows will also bear the brunt of outdoor elements. Also, thieves may smash it to steal your valuables, especially if it’s left in the open. So when you discovered […]