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Window Tinting and its Impact on Sun

One essential feature that you can find or add-on to vehicles today is window tinting. It’s something we often take for granted because it can dramatically reduce the amount of light that comes through the windshield or other windows. The amount of light that travels from the inside isn’t affected even though what passes through […]

Types of Auto Window Glass and Safety

One of the best emergency tools that you can keep in your vehicle is a glass breaker. If you get trapped in your car during an emergency, it gives you the option to go through the window. Most of the tools come as a combination item. You’ll get a safety hammer, window punch, and seatbelt […]

Arizona has Finally Banned Texting and Driving

Arizona has finally joined 47 other states in making it illegal to text and drive. With the passing of this law, signed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on April 22, 2019, Missouri and Montana are the only states left where it is still allowed. This law not only prohibits texting, but also talking on the […]