The 3 Common Distracted Driving Injuries

On my last post, I talked about the Tips on Preventing Distracted Driving Injuries. Basically, I shared the distracted driving statistics given by the CDC and the NHTSA. I also gave pointers on avoiding the potential injuries. Sadly, in the U.S., distracted driving is one of the top reasons why car accidents happen.

Whether you are pulling out of a parking space or on the highway, taking your attention away from the road can result in an accident and may injure you or others involved in the crash. There are several types of common injuries that can result from car accidents.

Broken Bones

  • The noticeable injuries after a car crash would be broken bones because you could be thrown off from your vehicle. You can sustain broken bones many on your arms and legs, especially if you are trapped in the car interior. Aside from that, there are also cases were people experience broken ribs due to the high-impact accident.

Neck and Back Injuries

  • Once the car crashes, the strong impact can throw you off. The windshield can shatter, sending out the car. Unfortunately, even if you have seatbelt on, you can still strain your neck or back.

    black car parked near green trees during daytime

  • In most cases, drivers can suffer from herniated discs. For the information of everyone, a herniated disc happens when vertebrae in your spine severs. Once the disc rips open, this exposes the inner part of it, making you prone numbness and pain. Moreover, the torn disc will damage your nerves, and you will often feel a tingling sensation on your legs or arms.
  • Warning: this injury is NOT instantaneous so you might complacent that you look and feel fine. However, as you continue with your day-to-day activities, you will notice frequent numbness and pain. So, it is important to see a doctor right after the accident whether you fine feel or not. Over time, the herniated disc could worsen. The point is here for it to be detected early as to not further aggravate the delicate situation.


  • When you are driving at high speeds, a sudden stop can cause a whiplash. In turn, this phenomenon can affect your muscles.
  • A whiplash injury can break certain soft tissue in your neck. There will be obvious pain and discomfort after, and it could affect other areas in your body like joints or spinal discs.
  • Remember, even a seemingly minor car crash can cause a whiplash. Even if you are moving at a slow speed, an abrupt halt can damage your muscles. Like what I shared about herniated discs, most people might not feel pain right away. So, be careful and observe any signs of pain and numbness.

If you encounter a car crash, the sudden collision of two vehicles can damage the windshield. When a chip or crack appears, do not take this lightly because your windshield is your number one protection once you encounter another crash. If your windshield is already distorted, how can it protect you the next time you experience an accident on the road?

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