3 Driving Habits that You Could Be Doing Are Actually Damaging Your Car (Part 1)

All your life you thought that you are driving the “right” way. What if I tell you that you could be guilty of driving some habits that could unnecessarily injure your car? In this blog, I will share the different bad driving habits. So, let’s go through them one by one because you might not even realize that you have been doing them all this time.

Intense braking when going downhill

  • Yes, you need to brake, but a prolonged braking will intentionally wear the brake pads and discs. Once they have reached their wear and tear threshold, you will need to replace the pads and discs right away. So, this means that the more you prolong the brakes, the more you will need to replace them, which would mean more expenses for you.
  • PRO TIP: If you are going downhill, change to a lower gear, and then, step on the brakes lightly. Once in a while, release the brakes to allow them to cool. Then, step on the brakes lightly again. Repeat the process until you have reached the bottom of the hill.aerial photography of white and red vehicle on road during daytime

Using the gearstick as a hand rest

  • When you are learning how to drive, the first thing you are probably told is to keep your hands on the wheel. Now that you are used to driving longer distances, you develop new habits of resting your hand on the stick. Once you shift to the ‘L’ plates, you just let rest your hand after.
  • PRO TIP: Do not get used to this kind of habit because it can be bad for the transmission. For the information of everyone, the gearstick linked to fork, which comes into with the gear you have selected. The contact is only meant for your selection. Once you rest your hand, you are putting additional pressure the gearstick. Thus, making the selector fork more labored than it should be.
  • Read the owner’s manual, and for sure, there will be advice about resting your hand on the gearstick. So, don’t make this a habit for you because you will end up paying more for repairs.

Stepping on the accelerator in a high gear

  • Nowadays, cars have more advanced features such as a gearshift indicator, letting you know when to shift your gears.
  • When it tells you to switch to an upper or lower gear, it helps you save and maximize the efficiency.
  • However, the problem now is you could be accelerating your car at low rpm then immediately shift too high, which means the engine is strained. The motor could be working double time. So, it is best to change down and wait for the revs to spur before changing to a higher gear. Remember this especially when you are climbing an uphill road or carry heavy boxes in your trunk. More tips on: 4 Driving Habits that You Could Be Doing Are Actually Damaging Your Car (Part 3)

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