3 Driving Habits that You Could Be Doing Are Actually Damaging Your Car (Part 3)

So far, for the topic on bad driving habits, I have discussed two: 3 Driving Habits that You Could Be Doing Are Actually Damaging Your Car (Part 1) and 4 Driving Habits that You Could Be Doing Are Actually Damaging Your Car (Part 2). Today, I will share the third batch of driving habits that could actually damage your car.

Ignoring the warning lightsblack digital speedometer at 0

  • In today’s digital world, cars have more lights than you could imagine. Once you switch on your car, the dashboard lights up like a bright and colorful Christmas tree. You will notice an indicator for low fuel, another indicator light for an open and unsecured car door, and so on. To be honest, it can get too overwhelming for both newbies and experts.
  • Having said this, do not ignore these indicators because they could warn you of a serious problem. Investigate what the indicator is trying to tell you. You can refer to the owner’s manual to look for their respective meanings. Memorizing them all seems too drastic, but familiarize the indicator lights at least. Do it for the most serious ones so you can quickly pull over and retreat on the safe side of the road.
  • If any of these flashes on your dashboard, please ask help from a reputable auto repair shop, especially if it indicates problems with the engine, the braking system, the airbag, the cooling system, the oil pressure, and power steering. Again, do not neglect the dashboard warning lights because you could put your life at risk.

Stepping on the clutch

  • Generally, when a driver changes gear, they do not take off their foot on the clutch. This is a bad habit because adding too much force on the clutch pedal will eventually strain it. If you prematurely wear the clutch, the item’s warranty will be voided.
  • When driving to an uphill or downhill road or when changing gears, be mindful on the clutch. Not being able to control its use will add to the wear and tear, reducing the clutch’s life span. Remember to take off your foot from clutch pedal, and if you want someplace to rest to your foot, you can buy an off-clutch footrest.
  • PRO TIP: When you encounter a hill, do not put too much strain on the clutch. Instead, you can put the car on neutral mode and keep handbrake on until you are ready to move forward.

Braking on the last-minute

  • Of course, there are times when you need to do an emergency stop, and an abrupt stop is necessary during this time.
  • However, if you will be making abrupt stops regularly, then, you are damaging the braking system. Once you do it consistently, you adding wear to the breaking pads and discs faster, which would mean costly repairs in the future.
  • PRO TIP: Anticipate the stops during your drive, and apply the brakes slowly. Sudden stops should only be done when necessary or when your life depends on it. More on: 4 Driving Habits that You Could Be Doing Are Actually Damaging Your Car (Part 4)

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