The 3 Main Reasons to Get Your Windshield Fixed as Soon as Possible

Many car owners are guilty of putting off repairs, especially for “minor” problems. This often happens when the windshield sustains minor dings and chips. However, avoiding repairs will result in a bigger problem later on. Many car owners end up having to replace their windshields because they ignored a small chip.

Getting your windshield fixed as soon as possible saves your pocket from expensive repairs. The following are the reasons why you should do it now:

Preventing large cracks

A small chip on your windshield will become large if you let it sit for too long. Remember that your windshield is exposed to extreme winds while driving aside from other outdoor elements. All of these will take their toll on your auto glass.

When you tackle this minor issue right away, you’ll save your pocket for expensive repairs. Take note that a small chip can lead to cracks, which then leads to major damages that require a full replacement.

Just because the small chip doesn’t look menacing, it doesn’t mean you can put it aside. It’s best to get it fixed now before it compromises your windshield quality and, ultimately, your safety.

Avoiding traffic violations

In some states, having a damaged windshield is illegal and considered a traffic violation. For example, states like Wisconsin and Florida have specific rules when it comes to damaged auto glass. You will end up with a traffic violation ticket and a hefty penalty.

Even if your windshield’s damage is not within the metrics set on your state, you should still have it repaired right away. Being proactive will save you from being flagged down on the road.

Maintaining your safety

Whatever the extent of the damage is, immediate windshield repair is all about keeping you safe. Cracks and chips will block your view once it’s hit by sunlight. In turn, your risk of road accidents increases. Worse, you’re also endangering the lives of pedestrians and other drivers.

Windshields are intended to keep drivers and passengers safe. If it’s not in the best shape, your windshield can’t cushion blunt force. It will shatter easily, which puts everyone in the car in a vulnerable situation.

Only trust the experts for windshield repairs

Windshield repairs may cost a fee, but it’s better than having to deal with larger problems later on. Also, you should trust professional and licensed technicians to do the job. This guarantees that your car is in good hands.

Always ask for the auto shop’s license and the technician’s certifications. Reliable repair shops won’t hesitate to present their credentials.

Most of all, you should ask for a detailed quote with a breakdown of expenses. This will help you spot hidden charges and exorbitant fees.


Your car’s windshield serves as the first line of defense against road elements. It’s crucial to have it repaired, whether it’s a small chip or a branching crack. The hassle of driving to the auto shop is just a small sacrifice compared to the savings you’ll enjoy. It’s also a matter of safety and complying with the law.