The 3 Reasons Why Your Car Is Making You Sick

You may clean your car everyday, but there would still be germs that will be lurking around. Here are 3 different scenarios on why your car could make you sick.

1. Food particles in the air conditioning vents.

The number 1 place for the molds to grow and spread is the air conditioning vent. As the air conditioner cools your car, there will be condensation in the evaporator. When the water vapor becomes liquid, this condensation is an inviting environment for the mold trapped in the vents. Once the cool air blows, it will, then, spread the microbes forming.woman eating pizza inside vehicle

So, if you feel some eye irritation, drowsiness while driving, or notice tightness in your chest, this could be because the molds forming in the vents. You could probably be frequently sneezing or coughing too! You better schedule an appointment with a mechanic. Have the air conditioning vents checked and cleaned to ensure that there are no molds waiting to propagate.

2. Outdoor pollutants going in your car.

The car windows are always up for a good reason because you block fumes, smoke, and other pollutants from coming in. When you are not using the air conditioner to save gas, you are welcoming outdoor contaminants in your car. Once you are rolling down the windows, you are letting it all in without the cabin air filter. Without the filter, you are exposed to all the pollutants.

To reduce the outside factors in your car, you need to press the button that has an arrow going in a circle. This buttons means that the air inside the vehicle recirculates. Instead of getting air from the outside, it just uses the air circulating inside. The air has passed through the cabin filter, making it cleaner and better for you.

3. Fumes from other vehicles.

Of course, you are not the only motorist on the road. Driving during rush hour, traffic jams are expected. This also means that you are inhaling some of the fumes from the nearby cars. Small amounts won’t hurt you or cause heavy damage, but if you spend most of your time driving, you may be breathing in too much carbon monoxide. This can make you feel like vomiting, having difficulty breathing, and even experiencing headaches.

You can lessen the exposure by rolling up your windows once you notice a heavy traffic. Once you notice there are a few cars, then, you can keep down. Once there are a lot of cars near you, roll up your windows.  As what I have shared earlier, you should press the recirculation button to make sure you are not inviting air from the outside.

Also, it helps if you have the exhaust system checked to ensure that there are NO leaks that would let outside fumes in.

Take care of your car inside and out.

Often, we don’t miss the regular maintenance checks, but we always postpone cleaning the car.  Schedule a thorough interior cleaning and ask professional help to keep your car free from bacteria.

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