3 Things to Expect from Auto Repair Services

According to the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Safety Bureau, injuries from road accidents continue to rise. Truthfully, it is among the serious public health issues in the US.

The NHTSA 2020 Report indicates that the vehicle-related injuries make up the 99% of road injuries and 94% of road deaths. Moreover, the numbers keep increasing yearly. If there’s no improvement over the current safety performance, fatalities and injuries will continue to skyrocket. So, it is not unlikely that you will encounter a car collision one way or another.

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Therefore, you will need a collision repair service, but thanks to your insurance company they can compensate for the repair bill. Here’s what you can expect from the auto repair shops:

Always do your research.

  • Like with most things, you need to research. For this situation, you would need a repair shop that is qualified to do car repairs. You need to make sure that the repair shop uses high-quality materials.
  • A + Plus Auto Glass uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass and adhesives when replacing and repairing the windshield. Remember, you can always use any auto body shop you want. The insurance companies will recommend a body shop which they have ties with.
  • At the end of the day, you can always ask your family and friends. If you wish to stick to your guns, you can opt to do this. Just make sure that auto body repair shop you will choose will use top-quality parts.

Car parts: original or aftermarket?

  • You can say that a replacement part is original when it comes from the manufacturer. Obviously, it follows then that the aftermarket does not. The original, of course, has excellent quality and the aftermarket parts may need repairs beyond its existing warranty.
  • A + Plus Auto Glass only uses the O.E.M. products. Plus, the SHIELDswapTM  process guarantees accuracy and it eliminates the hassle that comes with auto glass replacement. Of course, A + Plus Auto Glass is a preferred choice for most of the major insurance companies in the country.

The large-scale repairs.

  • On the outside, the damage could seem to be a minor one. However, collisions will have a sure impact on the car beyond what is obvious. Car repair shops can check if your vehicle is road worthy. A + Plus Auto Glass can check for:
    • Shattering Glass – Windshields are there to hold a serious force in an accident. If the windshield’s integrity is not guaranteed, the auto glass will most likely shatter, sending tiny shards to the passengers of the car.
    • Air Bag Failure – Shattering glass may will also affect airbags; it may get deformed and not work as it should be. In serious accidents, airbags are important in avoiding loss of precious lives.
    • Structural Failure – If the auto glass won’t shatter into tiny pieces, it could also completely collapse. If not installed correctly, the windshield could be on top of you and flatten you.
    • Impaired Vision – This is underrated and often ignored. If you neglect an auto glass damage long enough, your vision will be affected. You will eventually get used to it, but now, you experience an obscured vision momentarily or even perpetually.

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