3 Tips in Demisting Your Windshield

Demisting your windshield is important before starting your travel plans for the day. If you won’t, how will you see the road clearly?  This can hinder your view and distort your vision while driving.

What is the cause of the mist? Your car windshield is misting up because of the water vapor in the atmosphere. Your body heats the cold air inside the car, which increases the moisture it can hold. Thus, the cold air condenses, and forms a mist on your windshield.

In this blog, I will teach you ways to quickly demist your windshield without any other tools and equipments.

  1. Heat ’em up!

The heater should help you do the trick! First, you need to start off with having the cold settings on. Then, you slowly increase the temperature. As the temperature rises, you will start to notice ‘wet’ air building up.water droplets on glass panel

Be sure to also direct the heater at the windshield. The warm air will trigger evaporation, and the glass windows will heat up, which prevents the water vapors from condensing. Of course, you will need the heater too! To keep you warm, it may take time to fully clear the windshield. Just don’t drive while the glass windows are all clear. Remember, it is illegal to drive when your vision obstructed.

  1. Air conditioner plus the heater.

Be sure to switch on the air-con. The hot air will help demist, but once the temperature goes down, it will start to condense again. So, be sure to keep that balance in order to maintain a dry atmosphere inside your car. If the windows are all iced over, more heat is needed. Make sure to scrape the ice on the outside first!

  1. Use your windows

If your car doesn’t have an elaborate heating system, you can always resort to using your windows. Roll down your windows to clear the screen mist quickly. The air from the outside of your car will help reduce the water vapour inside, helping you avoid screen mists.

After this, you can start to warm up the car up to your preferred temperature. If your windows start to mist up again, keep your windows down during driving. This tip is helpful to those cars without air conditioners. If the mist is too much, you better pull over and wait for your windows to clear before you start your journey.

A list windshield hacks to follow:

  • Cleaning your windshield can help in preventing the mist to accumulate. So, keep all the windows clean at all times.
  • Don’t just clean; use shaving cream to clean those stubborn areas. How to do it?
    1. All you need is a clean towel and add a handful of shaving cream onto it.
    2. Then, wipe the towel to the windshield. Doing this will spread the shaving cream over the glass surface.
    3. After, you need to use another clean towel to remove all the shaving cream.
    4. A protective barrier is now in place to help avoid the windshield from misting up. Once you notice that it starts to wane, just repeat steps 1 to 3.