3 Tips for Buying a Car Outside Your State

Last time, I talked about the factors to consider when buying a car outside your home state. Today, I will talk further about the specific tips when buying one. Let’s also talk about the pros and cons. Are you ready?

The advantages (and disadvantages) of buying a car out of state


If you are searching for a specific car model, then, widening your search may help. Going out of your state will not limit your selection. Instead, you will have more options. You may be able to find the model you are looking for in another state with an affordable price.

By stepping out of your home state, you get to compare and contrast, which will save you money in the long run. When computing for the estimated cost, take into consideration the sales tax and vehicle registration as mentioned in 4 Things to Remember When Purchasing a Car Outside Your State.

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The major disadvantage is you will have to pay more. Aside from the price of the car, you will need to process the registration, pass the emission test, and pay the sales tax.

You will also need to allocate a budget for transporting your new car back home. Whether you will drive it yourself or have it shipping, you will need money. Moreover, you will need to have a temporary registration to drive it across the country. If you don’t have enough budget, you will have a hard time preparing all the necessary requirements in order to bring home your car.

The tips for buying a car outside your state

  1. See the car before buying it.
    • Always see it in person, and do not rely on photos and videos uploaded online. There may be things not mentioned on the online and printed ad.
  2. Check if there are defects.
    • Once you get to see the car in person, you will notice if there are obvious defects. Since you are already there, read the vehicle history. Also, you might want to consult a mechanic to see if the vehicle functions as advertised.
  3. Read the terms and conditions before signing the deal.
    • If you are getting it online and you are unable to verify it in person, check the return policy of the website. Go for online stores that will give you time to test the car yourself.

To sum up…

Going out of your home state may get you better deals, and you might even stumble upon the model you have been searching for. However, it is not for everyone. That’s why you need to prepare ahead and research on the possible options. Do not immediately decide on buying a car without seeing it.

Additionally, other states may have specific laws that will require you to pay additional taxes and fees. So, research first before you buy because you might end up spending more than you intended. Consider the transportation and insurance fees of the car. Lastly, make sure it fits your allocated budget.

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