4 Driving Habits that You Could Be Doing Are Actually Damaging Your Car (Part 2)

In my previous topic, which is the 3 Driving Habits that You Could Be Doing Are Actually Damaging Your Car (Part 1), I talked about not using the gearstick as a rest, not applying too much brake when driving, and so on. Today, I will discuss 4 more bad driving habits.

Accelerating when the engine is cold

  • Speaking of accelerator, do not accelerate when the engine is still cold. You just switched on the car, and stepped on the accelerator right away. Noooo!!!  The truth is that all vehicles start with a cold engine. Wait for it to warm up before you start revving the engine. This gives the oil the time to warm and circulate around the engine, avoiding potential damage and undue wear and tear.

Overwhelming your car with too much stuffwhite suv on road near body of water during daytime

  • The great thing about modern cars is that they can now carry heavy loads. However, you can’t simply bring in more things and overload it. To know the maximum limit of your car, you can check the owner’s manual. It will give you a rough idea on how many boxes and large suitcases you can carry. This way, you can anticipate a possible move or a weekend getaway.
  • Remember, the more weight you add, the more tear you are adding to the brakes, suspension, and other driving components. So, leave behind the things that you won’t need.
  • PRO TIP: If you do not need them, leave the gym essentials and shoes in your room. If there is no tournament, it’s time to store the golf clubs at home. Keep your travels as light as you can, and leave the unnecessary things.

Shifting to reverse before braking

  • When driving an automatic transmission, you have to remember that the gearbox is used for shifting gears. You can’t use this to brake. Instead, use the actual brakes to stop the car.
  • Generally, people shift to drive to move forward. Then, when they want to brake, they move to reverse and step on the brakes after. No, this is a bad practice for the transmission. Do not make this a habit because you are straining the transmission band instead of the brake pads.
  • The brake discs and pads will naturally undergo the usual wear and tear of things. You can always have them replaced, but when the transmission band on an automatic transmission gets damaged, it will be a more tedious task. When it requires more labor, it would mean more expensive repairs for you. So, use the brake pedals to stop, and NOT the park or reverse feature.

Driving through potholes and other road defects

  • Your car can sustain serious damage because of potholes, speed bumps, and other road defects. The number 1 rule is best to avoid them. If you can’t, at least, drive carefully when passing through these road bumps.
  • If you drive through the potholes, especially at high speeds, you are putting the wheels, the tires, and the wheel balancing at risk. I know that it can be tricky because some potholes are barely visible during a rainy weather, but avoid them when you can. Learn more: 5 Driving Habits that You Could Be Doing Are Actually Damaging Your Car (Part 3)