4 Driving Habits that You Could Be Doing Are Actually Damaging Your Car (Part 4)

When you own a car, it’s not only important to conduct repairs and maintenance, but it is equally important to adapt good driving habit. If you do not want frequent breakdowns and trips to your local mechanic, then, avoid unnecessary damage to your vehicle.

This does not only apply to cars, but in life, our behaviors and actions will have huge implications in our lives. So, now, I will be ending my discussion on the bad driving habits with 4 helpful tips.

Driving with not much fuel

  • If you think waiting for an empty tank will help you save, think again because it won’t. In reality, it should be the other way around. Because if you truly want to save on gas, do not wait for the car to be low on fuel before you decide to refill.
  • According to the car manufacturers and mechanics, it is best to have, at least, a quarter of gas in your fuel tank. When your car is low on fuel, your car will be getting gas from the bottom of the tank.
  • At the bottom, this is where all the residues and other impurities rest. man in gray hoodie standing beside red carSo, your car is forced to consume the fuel with debris, and once it enters your fuel lines, it will clog in there. As a result, the fuel filter will immediately get dirty. If it gets too dirty, the residues can through the filters and go in your engine.

Refueling with the wrong fuel type

  • Speaking of fuel, you would be surprised on how many drivers do not know the fuel type to use. Typically, people just assume that the higher-priced gasoline is better. Meanwhile, others choose the cheapest type because they think it’s all the same.
  • We should ALL stop this kind of mentality because the solution is actually very easy, which is reading your owner’s manual.
  • By consuming the wrong octane, you are endangering your car’s engine. If you own a vehicle with a high compression engine, you would need a higher octane fuel. So, please refer to the owner’s manual to know the right one for your car.

Not using the parking brake

  • The parking brake is also referred to as the emergency brake. This name is not random because you need to use it in case of emergencies. This is not just a mere accessory! Instead, you should use it every single time you park your car. Don’t just apply the parking brake when you encounter steep and hilly roads.
  • You can use the brake when you need it; just don’t drive your car with the parking brake on. Before you shift to another gear, you should release the parking brake.

Not providing the recommended fluid levels 

If you are unsure, refer to the owner’s manual at all times. The correct way to take care of your car is in the manual. For your auto glass needs, you can visit A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS.  To inquire about auto glass repairs, you can call A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS at 623-218-6844.