4 Reasons to Choose Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Car Parts

When you send your car to the manufacturer’s service bay for repair and maintenance, you are 100% certain that you are only getting the Original Equipment Manufacturer (or OEM) car parts.

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However, if you take your car elsewhere, you will probably get cheaper repairs with aftermarket car parts. Is this okay? Does it mean aftermarket parts are poor in terms of quality? Should you stick to only OEM parts?

In this blog post, I will list down four reasons why OEM should your only options for car parts.

OEM Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM as it is popularly known, are car parts are made by the manufacturer. These will definitely match the parts that came with your vehicle. Here are the reasons why to you should stick to OEM:

  • You can choose a specific type.

    • Usually, when you go to a car parts shop, the counter can only give you one type, which is a universal one. For OEM, you don’t have to assess if the brand is okay with your car. Less time worrying about the quality, the brand, and the price.
  • Greater quality than what is out there.

    • The OEM is the part that was produced with your car. Hence, the car part is guaranteed to work just as the one you are replacing it with. So, the OEM will give you peace of mind that the aftermarket parts cannot.
  • It has a warranty.

    • Most car manufacturers allow up to a year of warranty. OEM parts justify their price with quality and warranty. OEM parts will be higher in terms of price than its aftermarket counterpart. However, the aftermarket parts are sold with NO warranty.
  • Parts are usually ordered from the dealership directly.

    • Most of the time, car owners choose to go to a dealership in order to purchase specific car parts. Some people even request OEM parts from their regular mechanic. Just be patient though because the car parts must be ordered at a dealership. Car repair may take longer than usual, but it is surely worth the wait.

Choose a repair shop that only uses OEM Parts!

Aftermarket parts are NOT guaranteed to be all equal. For OEM parts, you are sure that these parts are equally good and followed strict standards. So, if you prefer to have your car repairs at a dealership, then, go for the OEM parts. In addition, the OEM parts can give you the peace of mind other brands cannot.

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