4 Things to Remember When Purchasing a Car Outside Your State

You may get a car for a lower price when crossing state lines. However, there might other things to consider. For instance, there are states that will charge you for sales tax. In this post, I will discuss each of these factors.

Whether the prospect is just nearby or a cheap car you found online, you must try to understand what you are dealing with. You might end up paying more because of the miscellaneous fees you are getting for car out of state.black framed sunglasses on car dashboard

Considerations on buying a car outside your home state.

Buying a car in another state is not easy as one may think. When you expect to just pay for the car, then, you’re very wrong. There are things that you will need to pay. Before signing a deal, here the factors you need to consider.

Paying the sales tax

  • The first thing you need to deal with is the sales tax, and you will have to pay this in the state where you will register the vehicle. If live in states such as Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon, then, you’re in luck because these places do not charge sale tax if you register a car within these states.
  • Many states, however, will need you to register the car in the same state where you live. So, before registering on another state, kindly verify with the Department of Motor Vehicles regarding the policy on registering vehicles outside your home state.

Getting a temporary registration

  • Once you buy a car from another state, you will need a temporary registration before you can drive it to your state. If you are getting one from a car dealer, then, they can help you getting a temporary registration. However, if you are buying from a private individual, then, you will need to do it yourself by visiting the nearest DMV office.
  • In registering the vehicle, you will need to provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) to make sure you are not getting a stolen vehicle.

Passing the emission test

  • Remember, each state may have varying emission standards. With that being said, you may pass on one state, and fail on a neighboring state. Let’s say you are registering on California, but the state has set strict emissions standards. So, you better make sure that the car you are eyeing on has passed the California smog regulations and other regulations.
  • Most vehicles, especially secondhand vehicles, are made for other 49 states in the country, and California is not on the list. Be very careful because you might have a problem getting in California.

Transporting your vehicle

  • As I’ve mentioned earlier, if you plan to drive your newly purchased vehicle, you will only need a temporary registration. However, if you have plans on shipping it, you will have to research on a dependable shipping car. You can arrange your shipping options through the car dealer. If not, you will have to schedule it yourself.

My final reminder for you is to research first if getting a car outside state lines is really for you because you will end up regretting your decision. Consider the factors that I have listed above and weigh your options carefully. On my next post, I will share 5 Tips for Buying a Car Outside State Lines.