5 Things NOT to Do While Driving (Part 2)

In 5 Things NOT to Do While Driving (Part 2), I have started a list of NOT to do while you’re in your car. For this batch, I have including tips such as changing clothes, applying makeup, and many more. Read more about it below:

  1. No headsets, earphones, and anything to hinder your hearing.

  • You might think this is a no-brainer tip, but guess what? A lot of people drive with bluetooth-enabled earphones! Well, yeah, it is obvious, but many drivers multitask. Why not answer the phone using their earpiece while driving, right?
  • Some people may even argue that deaf people are fine even though they can’t hear anything. They aren’t distracted like you so they are safe! You could be liable for causing an accident because of your electronic devices. Besides, even though they are deaf, these people have a heightened sense of awareness.black samsung android smartphone turned on displaying facebook
  1. Don’t try to multitask.

  • Aside from technology, we put our safety at risk because of our aim to multitask. No, we don’t live in a fictional world where we can change our clothes, eat some snacks, and brush our teeth without causing an accident. All our actions have consequences, and we could endanger someone else’s life.
  • If you have an important meeting, then, wake up early. Set multiple alarms to ensure that you have the time to dress up and prepare for it. Do not do it while you are driving. Always keep your eyes on the road, and don’t let anything distract.
  1. Don’t drive with one hand or with your knees.

  • Full attention should be given to what is ahead of you. Both hands on the steering wheel, and focus on that. Don’t be lazy and improvise by using your knees. You are not allowed to do so unless you have a rare disability. If you are equipped with two hands, use them. Do not make up a lazy excuse because of this and that. Besides, if you accidentally broke you arm, you can install a steering wheel spinner knob to help you.
  1. Don’t try to apply makeup while you’re driving.

  • This is not the movies where the main lead can apply makeup and drive at the same time. Maybe you have tried this, and you applied mascara while your car is moving. Yes, you may be fine for now. How about the next? Will you still be lucky enough to avoid accidents?
  • Even when you say that there’s a traffic jam and the vehicles are not moving, this can still be grounds for distracted driving. Don’t risk your life over some beauty products. If you must doll up, stop by the nearest gas station and apply your essentials.
  1. Don’t drive when you’re sleepy.

  • At least 17% of road accidents are due to drowsy drivers. You might think that you just need large cup of coffee or a bottle of your favorite energy drink. Nope, these fixes won’t keep you awake. The moment the caffeine wears off, you will find yourself dozing off again. It’s better to rest and stay home. If you really need to travel, stop by a rest area and take a quick nap.

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