5 Things NOT to Do While Driving (Part 1)

When you are learning how to drive, you are mostly told what to do. You are given just the driving basics and list of rules to follow. Fundamentally, you know what to do. However, no one tells you WHAT NOT TO DO! There are things that could end up reducing the lifespan of your car, and at the same time, endanger your life. So, let’s now discuss a list of NOT to do while you’re in your car.Crop carefree woman with legs sticking out of car window

  1. Feet off the dashboard please!

  • Do not put your feet on the dashboard because in case of any accident, this can block the airbags. Worse, your feet will slap your face once the airbags are triggered. This can seriously injure and give you broken bones so please don’t sit comfortably and rest your feet on the dashboard. Make sure that the dashboard is free of any clutter so that once the airbags are deployed, it can quickly protect you.
  1. No high heels necessary.

  • When driving, wearing high heels are not necessary. Plus, they are uncomfortable to wear when driving. If you wear one, you might not be able to exert enough force on the pedals. Also, your heels could get stuck on the floorboard.
  • In case of any emergency, it’s hard to quickly respond or easily shift pedals. It’s better to put your heels on the back seat of your car and just drive barefoot. Once you arrive at your destination, that’s when you change to your high heels.
  1. No driving with your pets.

  • As per the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study, 1/3 of the pet owners shared that their pet became a distraction while they were driving.
  • Moreover, if your pet is near you, this could bring about serious injuries during the airbag deployment. The airbag will send your pet out the window. Worse, both of you could get seriously injured.
  • If you really need to bring your pet, command your pet to stay on the back seat and put the seatbelt on.
  1. Don’t put your child on your lap while driving.

  • Please don’t do this because it will endanger both of your lives. Your child could steer your car to a different direction, and before you know it, you are on the opposite side and another car is about to trample you.
  • Another situation is that your child could poke your eye or cover your face. A slight distraction could keep your eyes off the road, and it could be the cause of a major accident.
  1. Don’t grab something on the backseat.

  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel. In case of any emergencies, you can steer your car away from any accident. If your hands are busy somewhere else, how can you avoid such accident? Perhaps, someone is crossing the road, and of course, you have to avoid hitting the person. How could you do it if you are busy grabbing for a snack?
  • If you really have to grab out of your reach, please ask the passenger with you to help you get some meds or some food. Do not move your hands away from the steering wheel even for just one second!

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