5 Tips to Avoid Vehicular Accidents (Part 2)

In the US, not buckling up still remains to be the leading cause of traffic accidents. As highways become congested each passing day, this another reminder to slow down and to follow traffic rules in oder to avoid accidents. In 5 Tips to Avoid Vehicular Accidents (Part 1), I already shared a few driving tips to avoid auto collisions.

shallow focus photography of person driving

Now, I will share more tips to minimize road accidents and to promote a safer driving for everyone.

  • Do NOT rely on side mirrors alone. Your side mirrors can also create blind spots you won’t notice. When you are parked too close to other cars, physically look over your shoulder when backing out the parking lot. Fender benders happen often on tight parking spaces.
  • Always concentrate and keep the worries at bay. Look ahead and focus on where you are driving. Anticipate the next 10 seconds or so. If you cannot concentrate, do not drive. Accidents happen because the driver got distracted. This common incident has cause too many car accidents happen. So, do not take your eyes off the road. Wait until you have reached a rest stop. If you need to answer an urgent call, park your car first. Distracted driving is unsafe for you and the people around you.
  • Do NOT follow too closely. Avoid staying too close to another car’s rear bumper. As much as possible, leave a space between you. Allow a 3-second cushion  or imagine another car ahead of you. That way, the actual space between cars will be wider. If you know that you will attend an important event, then, better leave the hours early enough so you do not have to rush things. Accidents will mostly happen when you are in a hurry to reach your destination.
  • Always be courteous. Other people may not show courtesy but do not be like them. Be the good example for new drivers. Treat other drivers and passengers with utmost respect. If you see someone being rowdy and violating rules, report them right away to the police. No one has the right to act like he owns the road.
  • Avoid night driving. If you can, do not drive at night. According to the National Safety Council, you are risking your life 3 times higher than driving during the day. Death rates are 3x more likely to happen at night. This is because one might encounter intoxicated and/or sleepy drivers.

No matter how you claim to be an expert driver, you can’t avoid stumbling into dangerous drivers. Whenever you are on the road,  there will always be hazards. That’s why you should keep these tips in mind. Someone could be beating the red light, sleepy, or distracted. If you happen to get into a vehicular accident and you need to repair your car, then, A + Plus Auto Glass is the best option when you are in Arizona. A + Plus Auto Glass will only replace your windshield using original (or O.E.M.) parts, glass, and adhesives. Be sure to visit A + Plus Auto Glass at 13148 W Foxfire Drive #120 Surprise, AZ or you may call 623-218-6844.