5 Tips in Protecting Your Car from the Sun

The sun gives us sustainable strength because it is a natural source of vitamin D. If you are a beach person, you would know how the sun’s ultraviolet rays can affect the skin.

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Well, it’s not just for us humans; your car too can be damaged both in and outside because of the sun. Because of the sun’s rays, your car will experience discoloration, cracking, and other obvious spots.  Here are 5 tips to protect your car from sun damage.


Watch out for summer because this is when your car is very vulnerable to heat. Yes, the metal housing can take the heat, but not everything is metal. Then, the interior will feel like a huge oven. The temperature can go up to 140 degrees, and it will make the plastic, vinyl, leather materials will fade and crack eventually. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Use seat covers.

    • There are many materials you can chose from. Velour is usually the primary choice for seat covers because it is designed to look like your original upholstery. In addition, it is waterproof too. There is also sheepskin, imitation leather and suede, or neoprene and neosupreme seat covers. Whatever you fancy is fine for as long as it can really block the strong UV rays.
  • Use car conditioners.

    • There are so many products out there for you that will help you clean, revive, and guard the interior parts of your car from the sun. Make sure to consider the kind of seats you have and materials of used in making them. If it is leather, get one that can moisturize to fight the discoloration and cracking.
  • Clean the interior of the car.

    • Take away the food and dirt particles from your seats and  dashboard. Carpeting is susceptible to get cooked under extreme heat. This will leave marks and stains. So, all you need to do is to vacuum you car as often as you can to remove any dirt from permanently sticking to the carpets.


  • Wash your car often.

    • Washing your car with soap and water will do. Even if it has recently rained, you still have to wash your car. By washing it, your car will be free from dirt, dust and other particulars that may damage it. After, dry your car using a microfiber cloth. Do it right away before the water starts to evaporate.
  • Apply some wax.

    • Take time to wax your car at least once a year. Waxing helps with securing the paint’s oils. Plus, the wax also acts as a shield against the harmful UV rays. Just be careful when applying wax because you should not do it under direct sunlight.

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