5 Tips on How to Save on Gas (Part 1)

Well, there it goes again! The gas prices have increased! We all want to save gas, and ultimately, save money. So, what can you do to improve your gas mileage?

In this blog post, I will discuss tips on optimizing your car to save some gas money. On part 2, I will share tips in improving your driving habits to help with your gas mileage. By following any of the tips I will share, you will surely see an improvement in gas mileage. Hence, it would mean that you could save hundreds of dollars every year. Besides, saving a few extra bucks will definitely help you along the way.

person taking a photo of blue and white gasoline station

Taking these tips to heart will help you to save gas and money. I promise you that these tips are worth the effort! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Optimize your car in order to save fuel

Fuel economy is a consideration when manufacturing a new vehicle. Of course, automakers would want you to save money, but over time, your car’s engine will depreciate. An automotive engineer will not be able to help you once your deteriorate, but following these tips will.

  • Check the Tire Pressure.

    • The more tires flex, the more energy they need. Also, when a tire has too much pressure will become worn more easily. So, you should consider finding balance, and finding the right pressure for your tires so that it will last long. Once your take care of your tires, you get to maximize its life span, and it will also help you in decreasing gas mileage too! Make sure that the tires are on its recommended pressure, okay?
  • Always Schedule a Tune Up.

    • Keeping the car tuned up is another essential tip. You should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and adhere to the needs of your car. Even if it looks all right, your car may be out of tune or needs new parts.
  • Do a Regular Maintenance.

    • Aside from the tune up, don’t forget the usual routine of oil changes and air filter changes. These things should be done on a regular basis. Air cleaners are usually neglected so make it a habit to clean or replace the air filter.
  • Never Miss out on Repairs.

    • Whether it’s on your car’s engine or on the car’s body, you should not delay repairs. This is particularly important if the problem is on the engine because it loaded with various sensors. If these sensors malfunction, this will affect your its operation.
    • Once things get damaged, it could lead to some serious engine problems. Repairs should be on top of your priorities because it can cause deterioration of your fuel mileage.
  • Unload Your Car.

    • Lastly, you have to remember that it takes more energy to move if the your car weighs more. Inspect your trunk and empty it out. If you see certain things that you won’t need for the time being, unload it.
    • A few extra pounds can affect your gas mileage. So, get rid of unnecessary things except for your emergency supplies and tools.  Also, be careful of installing unimportant accessories because every additional weigh would mean cost you would need extra gas too!

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