5 Tips on How to Save on Gas (Part 2)

In 5 Tips on How to Save on Gas (Part 1), I shared with you tips to optimize your vehicle in order to save on gas. For this post, I will focus on the different driving habits you can apply to achieve a better fuel economy.

The Driving Habits We All Need to Practice

  • Take it slow.

    • First, you have to slow down. If you are not in hurry, please slow down. The topmost factor that affects your fuel mileage is air resistance. What does this mean? The moment you increase your speed, the more fuel will be consumed.
    • Fuel will exponentially exhausted if you drive swiftly. For instance, a 20-mile travel at speed of 45 MPH will take about 25 minutes, while quickly driving at 65 MPH will take 18 minutes. The difference is, more or less, 7 minutes, but the latter will consume more fuel. If you can spare 7 minutes, then, why rush, right?
    • Don’t hastily step on the gas pedal; you will just end up wasting heat from braking abruptly and waste more gas when you quickly accelerate.
  • Maintain a steady speed.

    • If you can, drive at a steady speed. Once you see a stop light, slowly shirt from 45 to 30 MPH. Never rush to step on the brakes the moment you a stop sign. Additionally, don’t immediate step on the accelerator the moment you see the green light. Do it slowly but surely!

white and black gas pump

  • Apply your brakes smoothly.

    • You don’t have to plan your brakes 2 blocks ahead of time, but it is also not a good idea to forcefully stomp on your brakes in time for a red light. No, don’t do that! Instead, there should be a smooth transition from fast to slow.
    • When you accelerate quickly, the car consumes more fuel. So, don’t be harsh when braking or accelerating. Step on the pedal slowly so that your car won’t burn so much gas.
  • Schedule ahead of time.

    • Plan your travels ahead of time so that you will traverse the shortest routes to your destination. Of course, if you are uncertain, you will travel back and forth. Moreover, you will stop at different rest areas or gas stations to ask for direction. To be honest, it’s a waste of both time and gas.
    • Better to plan ahead and take the easiest routes possible. Instead of running in circles, go over your travel checklist and hit all the important points.

A Gentle Reminder

All these tips point to one thing: maintaining your car in pristine condition will help you save on money and gas. Drive calmly and steadily, and choose the route with the least distance as possible. Common sense will help you in the long run. For instance, you want to get a cup of coffee. So, turn off your car and don’t let it sit there waiting for 5 to 10 minutes.

If you are waiting for someone to be ready, stay in the car, but you don’t have to switch on the engine during the 30 minutes of waiting. Yes, a warm engine will do better on the road. However, we are on the topic of saving gas. This is a friendly reminder brought to you by A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS. If you need help with your auto glass, A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS is a trusted partner of the major insurance providers in the country. For more information, call  A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS now at 623-218-6844 !