5 Tips to Avoid Vehicular Accidents (Part 1)

The National Safety Council expressed the importance of using seat belts. In their 1999 study, the NSC stated that almost 10,000 people died because they did NOT wear their seat belt. This fact is also supported by CDC as they reported in 2016 that a total of 23,714 people died in vehicular accidents.As number of auto collisions increase, the roads get more and more dangerous for both the driver and passenger.

woman holding steering wheel in car

In this blog post, I will go through important tips to avoid accidents on the road.

  • Keep it slow. When we were kids, our parents would always remind us to stop, look, and listen when crossing the road. Apply the same principle when driving; do not be rash! Assess the area for blind spots especially if you are traversing through an unfamiliar place. Check your rear view mirrors and be on the lookout for road signs. Also, look both directions when in an intersection because cars may appear out of nowhere. So, be extra careful when crossing an intersection.
  • Some cars are beating the red light. Yes, you may drive with caution, but the cars around you may not. Thus, it is important to not speed up the moment the traffic light turns green. Give it a few seconds before entering a busy intersection and always look both ways. Cars may be in a hurry passing through a yellow light. When driving near a truck, remember that their blind spot is on the right-hand side. Don’t dare to speed up if you cant see the the truck’s side mirrors because that means that the driver cannot see you.
  • Hands should on the steering wheel. Avoid distractions when driving and plan everything before you hit the road. Do not keep changing songs on the radio, looking for CDs, checking on your mobile phones, reaching for a drink, and so on. A momentary distraction can send you to the opposite lane and could cause an accident.
  • Watch for animals crossing. Most importantly, kids may pop out of nowhere. Our furry friends may just cross the street without us knowing. Worse, small children do the same thing! So, if you are in a residential area, be careful for people and animals crossing the street. Look for signs because you could be heading towards a school zone or a busy street.
  • Check your car on a regular basis. Do an engine maintenance; keep a habit of by changing the oil. Make sure that all the tires are inflated well. These things you should not skip in order to avoid sudden stops.

Follow the tips to avoid unnecessary accidents

Of course, one cannot escape danger, but the thing is… we ALL need to do our part to minimize the damage. Follow the safety precautions stated above and always wear your seat belt. When you are looking for a reliable repair shop, A + Plus Auto Glass is the place to go! A + Plus Auto Glass will repair or replace your windshield using original (or O.E.M.) parts, glass, and adhesives. All you need to do is call 623-218-6844 or visit 13148 W Foxfire Drive #120 Surprise, Arizona!