5 Tips to Prevent Your Car from Getting Stolen

According to the FBI’s official website, in 2017, there were around 773,139 motor vehicles thefts reported. It would be a shame if one day you would wake up and realize that your car is missing.

The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) of the FBI also stated that people lost $6 billion from car thefts. So, in 2017, the numbers would roughly amount to $7,708 per stolen vehicle.

man in white long sleeve shirt driving car

Today, I will discuss with you some tips in order to avoid your vehicle from being stolen.

Keep the Car Thieves Away!

Before I start sharing some tips, let me just remind you that these are not guaranteed to 100% work at the time. These are not perfect methods, but these can decrease the chances of attracting car thieves:


Let’s start with the most basic ones. Don’t leave your car running even if it’s just a quick run to the bathroom. Perhaps, you will just quickly grab a drink or a bubblegum from the convenience store. Nope, don’t even try because the moment you come back, you might not see your car anymore.

To be safe, turn off your engine and grab the keys with you. Whether you will take 5 mins or 50 mins in a convenience store, no, don’t risk it. Having a running vehicle will attract any thieves lurking around the vicinity. So, please don’t make this rookie mistake.


Whether you are stationary or on-the-go, always lock your windows and doors. Don’t be so complacent just because you don’t see anyone lurking around. Make it a habit to roll up you windows in case there are car jackers waiting to strike.

Do this especially when you park your car out in the open. Even if you locked your car, car thieves can still access your vehicle through your open windows. So, whether your car is on a parking lot or on your garage, lock your car doors and windows.


Speaking of parking lots, I suggest that you pick your parking spots carefully. Dim areas are the criminals’ favorite spots. These car thieves and crooks are actively operating on dark and dim areas.

If you park near a CCTV camera, this will scare the criminals away. In case something terrible happens, the security camera can help identify the crooks quickly.


If your things are displayed, this will attract the attention of both thieves & smash-and-grab burglars. If someone sees your laptop or your purse, they might as well steal your whole car.

Next, if you intend to keep your car registration, and proof of insurance in your vehicle, keep all these documents locked inside the glovebox compartment. If not, hide it somewhere you think it is safe.


Lastly, I suggest that you be aware of your surroundings. So, scan the area for anything suspicious.  By doing this, you can be alert if things go wrong. Take the necessary precautions especially when you are in a new and uncharted area.

When your car has been damaged by a car thief, quickly run to a reliable auto glass repair shop and have your vehicle diagnosed for any needed repairs. The technicians at A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS are I-CAR certified. To schedule your repairs, call the number 623-218-6844.