The 8 Benefits of Window Tint

When you first buy a car, you’ll notice that the windows won’t have any tint on them. It’s a standard for new cars to have clear, untinted windows straight out of manufacturing. For buyers, it’s nice for appreciating the car’s interior. But a car owner would think otherwise.

There are several good reasons why cars need tinted windows – eight reasons, in fact. And here, we’ll talk about the 8 benefits of window tint and why you need to have them in your car.


1. It protects your car against burglary


Window tint provides better security for the valuables inside your vehicle. It keeps them hidden from public eye so they don’t attract burglars who might try to break in and steal them. Of course, you should keep your car locked and have an alarm system installed. But tinted windows do help with added protection.


2. Maintains personal privacy


Untinted windows invite prying eyes and unwanted attention. And if you want to keep your privacy whether inside or outside your vehicle, it’s best to have windows tinted as soon as you buy it.


3. Promotes safer driving


The glare of the sun can be hazardous to drivers during the day. It can cause you to squint or force you to wear sunglasses that make it too dark to see. By nighttime, the bright headlights of oncoming traffic often result in a blinding effect.


In both instances, only moments of distraction can get you into an accident. Window tint protects your eyes from glare so you can focus on driving.


4. Reduces injury


Another safety hazard associated with car windows is shattering glass. In accidents, car windows can break into small fragments with enough impact. These small fragments may cause lacerations and eye injuries. Tint prevents broken glass from shattering since fragments adhere to them.


5. Extends the lifespan of your car’s interiors


Constant exposure to the sun will damage the interior elements of a car. These include the dashboard, car seats, and carpet to name a few. The heat will cause them to warp or fade, making your car appear older than its actual age. Moreover, the sun can also damage any electronic gadget you leave behind. Smartphones and laptops can get ‘fried’ in direct heat.


Tinted windows protect your car’s interiors and valuables from heat damage. It can also prevent a car’s value from depreciating faster than it should.


6. Shields passengers from UV light


The sun’s ultraviolet rays pass through untinted windows. It leaves car passengers (including you) vulnerable to its damaging effects. UV light causes sunburns and increases the risk for skin cancer and premature skin aging. Window tint with UV protection prevents all these.


7. Improve your car’s efficiency


Window tint helps to decrease a car’s temperatures by as much as 29° Fahrenheit. Meaning, the AC system takes up less energy to keep the car cool. In turn, a vehicle consumes less fuel, thus saving you money.


8. Comfortable driving


Finally, tinted windows allows for a more comfortable driving experience. You can park your car under direct sunlight or drive long hours, and not have to worry about the heat or your privacy.