8 Things to NOT Do when Repairing Windshield Cracks

When people face problems, people can usually be creative in finding solutions. You see, if someone has a cracked windshield, he will probably go online and search for YouTube tutorials. Some of you may even suggest to get a DIY Windshield Repair Kit on Walmart or Target. For the most part, we tend to innovate and find a cheaper alternative.

man fixing car

Don’t try to fix it yourself!

There are ways YOU should not try to do glass repair by yourself. Here are some quite common examples of people trying to fix a windshield crack the wrong way:

  1. One common “instant” repair people do is using a clear nail polish in order to stop one small chip from spreading, but it got worse. From on unnoticeable chip, it’s now 3-inch huge crack.
  2. Another customer used super glue to “repair” a long but slim windshield crack. Yes, it did glue the together. What’s the problem now? He can’t see through the glass. The glue blocked his clear view. Obviously, the lack of visibility can now endanger his life.
  3. Someone even tried a weird concoction of bug spray, salt, alcohol, and water. However, his “formula” failed to magically fix one large crack. Next time, don’t try to experiment folks!
  4. Chewing gum was someone’s solution to a windshield chip. Perhaps, he thought a gum can repair a loose eyeglasses. Why don’t I try it on my windshield? And he did! Bubblegum may have other unusual uses, but never use it as a quick fix for windshield repair.
  5. Probably, one of the weirdest cases would be the duct tape on the windshield. The customer decided to cut a role of duct tape into strips and pasted it in front. Remember, your windshield should be clear. It should NOT impair your visibility of the vehicles right in front of you.
  6. Speaking of duct tape, another customer a piece of cardboard and used duct tape it to cover the rear glass that has been broken. Whether it’s the front or back view, please don’t block it. You could get into a more dangerous situation.
  7. One even used an epoxy glue to fix the windshield. Same result happened; the epoxy impaired his visibility. How can you see the road clearly when there’s a long line of glue covering it?
  8. Lastly, someone tried a DIY windshield repair kit. A simple repair that ended up becoming a full windshield replacement because he applied too much pressure on his car’s windshield. The crack is now thrice as it was once was.


Let an expert repair it for you!

Don’t wait until you ask for help! The original damage could grow larger than you initially thought. By the time you call for help, your car would need a full windshield replacement. Prevent more damage and more costs by contacting A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS. We are an auto glass and windshield repair shop located at 13148 W. Foxfire Drive #120, Surprise, Arizona 85378.

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