Advanced Driver Assistance Systems & Your Windshield

Over the years, the automotive industry has seen major technological advancements. One of which is the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It makes modern vehicles safer by reducing the risk of collisions, parking errors, and blind spot-related accidents. However, it also means windshield repair will be more complicated.

ADAS has its pros and cons that should be considered before windshield repair or installation. In this post, I discussed how ADAS works and how it affects your windshield during repairs.

The modern ADAS

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are one of the major safety improvements in modern cars. It includes collision warnings, parking assistance, blind spot monitoring, and more.

ADAS components are intended to enhance a driver’s visual capabilities. On the other hand, there are also system components that provide partial to full control of the driving process.

Overall, ADAS has four categories:

  • Automated. This automatically overrides manual operation in case the driver can’t operate the car safely.
  • Adaptive. This system engages or changes based on the surrounding environment.
  • Monitoring. This component will scan the surroundings using sensors and cameras to determine whether a correction is needed.
  • Warning. This part alerts the driver in case of potential hazards.

All of these systems need to be calibrated regularly for efficient performance. It also means windshield placement must be conducted around these components.

Experts expect ADAS to develop further as it leans toward driverless commercial vehicles. But right now, this system is yet to be integrated into all vehicles.

How ADAS affects your windshield

If you have an ADAS-equipped car, you have to be careful when availing of windshield repairs. This system makes repairs or replacements more complicated.

You need to hire a trained windshield repair specialist who has knowledge about advanced driver assistance systems. ADAS includes cameras pointing to the windshield. So once your windshield sustains cracks on the camera’s field of view, it will require a different repair approach.

First, the technician will have to unplug the cameras before the repair. This also means you’ll have to pay for professional recalibration later on.

Aside from that, the technician would have to be more careful to prevent damage to your ADAS. This may or may not affect the cost of the repair, depending on the shop where you took your car.

Although ADAS has been in use in many cars, there’s a scarcity of ADAS-trained windshield technicians. This can be a challenge since poor handling of the system during windshield repair can lead to inaccurate hazard detections.

Worse, the advanced driver assistance system may sustain damages that will be expensive to fix. This is why you should only hire a windshield technician with experience in your specific car make and model.


Advanced driver assistance systems or ADAS is made to revolutionize safety on the road. However, you should remember that these components work in conjunction with other components of your vehicle.

It’s important to take the ADAS into account whenever you’re having your windshield repaired or replaced. This will be much easier when you hire an ADAS-trained windshield technician in your area.