Always Check Your Tires and Wiper Blades

For this blog post, I will discuss the importance of maintaining your tires and wipers. I will share to with you how to check on the tire pressure.

Important tips in caring for your tires

One of the important items of your vehicle are the tires. In order for you to get the most of your car tires, you need to have them rotated and balanced. Do this regularly or you can schedule it every 7,500 miles. This will help the tires last long and ensures that they wear evenly.

vehicle wheel with tire

Why is balancing the tires important? This is prevent any vibration at certain driving speeds. Also, a balanced tire will decrease the stress and strain by the steering parts. If you keep the tire pressures on a specific number, you will be stretching the tire life to its maximum capacity and also help with the fuel economy.

How to check tire pressure of your car?

Generally, every month, the tires lose up to 1 pound per square inch. It is best to check all your tires, your spare tire as well, every month or every time you plan to go on a long trip. Below are the steps to check on the tire pressure:

  1. First, you should have your own handy tire pressure gauge.
  2. Check if your tires are cold. You should do this check before you drive or 3 hours after you have driven your car.
  3. Read the air pressure gauge’s to know the correct usage of your device. Then, insert the tire pressure gauge to the valve stem of the tire.If you are using a digital one, the tire guage should be able to read the air pressure right away.
  4. Next, you will have to compare the result to the PSI found on the sticker in owner’s the manual. Important note: You should NOT compare to the measured PSI vs the PSI on the sidewall of your tire.
  5. If the result is above the number, let some air out until the two PSIs match. If the result is below the indicated PSI, you should add air until it reaches the correct value.

Remember that replacing a single tire is not advisable for it can have a negative effect on the suspension systems, gear ratios, transmissions, and on the tires itself. For best performance, it is best to replace all the car tires at the same time.

If it can’t be avoided, please make sure that the two new tires are the same size and type as your other tires.

Wipers to help you see clearly

Lastly, aside from the tires, you should also change your wiper blades every year. The Car Care Council suggests that you replace the wipers each spring every time you set your clock to Daylight Savings Time. If you live in an area where it’s colder, then, it is best to change it to winter blades during the fall season.

You don’t have to worry because the wipers are inexpensive, but it can ensure your safety. If you think it ain’t a helpful feature, just think about driving during heavy rains. You will need the wipers to clear the way, right?

This is a safety reminder from A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS. Since we are on the topic of wiper blades, you might also want to have your auto glass checked. A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS can have your auto glass repaired or replaced.  To schedule an auto glass inspection, call 623-218-6844 right away.