Arizona Driving Hazards You Need to Know About

Just like any area, Arizona has a number of road hazards. Depending on where you drive, incidents could happen from time to time. The good news is that there are things you can do to prevent yourself from getting hurt. Here are Arizona’s most common driving hazards and the things you need to do to avoid them:

Dust storms

Dust storms are very common in Arizona. If you drive in a dust storm you are likely to have your view obscured significantly. It can also damage your car’s paint job.


The only good thing about dust storms is that you can spot them from a distance. They often look like dark clouds that go all the way from the sky to the ground. If you see one coming, pull over and put your full beam and hazard lights on. That way other drivers will be able to spot you more easily.


Once the dust storm has passed, wait until it is about 300ft away before continuing to drive.



Monsoons are also sometimes common in Arizona. When a monsoon hits there is a high chance of flooding which can cause danger while driving.


Before getting in your car, always check weather updates. If heavy flooding is expected, make sure that your journey will not be disrupted. If it is, try to avoid the areas of flooding.


If a storm hits when you are already driving, try your best to avoid areas that are starting to flood. Pullover and wait if it comes to it.


Extreme heat

Summer in Arizona can be unbearable at times. High temperatures mean your car is at risk of overheating.


Check all of your car’s fluids are at a good level if you are going for a long drive. Make sure that all other parts of your car are also in good order.


Problems can occur at any point, however. That’s why carrying a repair kit is essential. That way, you can repair minor issues on the go.


Flying debris

As a result of dust storms and high winds due, debris can go flying into your windshield. This debris can be anything from stones to a bits of a tree. All of this debris will cause chips on your windshield. These chips can turn into cracks and will affect your visibility. This increases your risk of an accident.


If your windshield gets heavily damaged while driving, it’s best to pull over and call for assistance.


Animals on the road

Wildlife is the most active in the morning and night in Arizona. During these times, visibility is also low for road users. This can cause you to be involved in an animal collision, which will hurt the wildlife and damage your car.


If you are driving through Arizona, it’s best to do so during daylight. This will prevent any animal collisions and other issues that can happen in the dark. The more you can see, the safer you will be.