How to Assess Auto Glass Warranties

Nearly all auto glass repair shops will offer some form of warranty for their customers. Some may offer a lifetime warranty, but most will offer a limited warranty that will ensure you get the most out of your investment and that the repairs are ‘insured’ and against any minor defects or issues that may arise during the repair or installation, or which might be the result of improperly installed glass.

Not all warranties are the same, however. You don’t know what will happen in the future so it only makes sense to find the best warranty you can. Here’s what you should be looking for in auto glass warranties.


What to Look Out For in a Glass Repair Warranty

Here are some quick questions that you can ask technicians when assessing the warranties of different auto glass shops.

Does it cover labor and parts? This is basic but the warranty has to cover both the installation work and the parts. This ensures that quality is guaranteed from the get-go.

Does it provide comprehensive coverage? In reality, you don’t want a warranty that just covers labor and parts. You want one that also covers the possible damage that may arise after installation or repair. This can include repaired chips spreading, stress cracks that result from work, water leaks that occur where the frame and glass meet.

Does it provide additional coverage for related equipment? Does your windshield have a defogger, an antenna, or anything that might be damaged during repair? Ask if they offer a warranty for that as well. Chances are, any reputable shop will not hesitate to do so, which is good because if any of these things break it often requires a complete replacement to fix.

How long does the warranty last? This is of paramount importance! A warranty should last for at least two months. If they can offer anything longer than the standard two-month warranty, the better! You should beware of lifetime warranties, though, because they are not always as good as they sound. If a shop offers a lifetime warranty, try to assess if it is as good as a short-term or ‘robust’ warranty, and that the warranty consistently offers the same benefits instead of becoming more limiting as time goes by. If it’s more of the latter than the former, ditch it.


It pays to always check an auto glass repair shop’s ‘street cred’ with other customers. It also doesn’t hurt to scout potential options before settling on a shop where you would like to have your windshield (or anything else for that matter) repaired. Play it safe and play it sure by picking the warranty that works for you.