Is Doing Your Own Auto Body Repair a Good Idea?

You just had a car accident and it sustained a rear-ended damage. It was the other motorist’s fault and you got a check from their insurance company. You had second thoughts in bringing your car to the auto body shop and decided that you do it yourself. That way, you can save on the expenses and have more money in your pocket. But is it a good idea?

Here are some possible problems with doing your own collision repairs.

Matching Car Paint is not Easy

  • It is difficult to try to match the original paint of your car even if the scratches are minor. No more current vehicles utilize formulas that needs to have two to three coatings of various colors. It might even require you to use special finish to give that brand new look that only a professional can do.
  • And if your car is needs pearl or metallic finish, then that would be very hard to do. And the bad part is that, when you finish doing it on your own, you probably end up with stains of mismatched paint. Do not discount the fact that paint fumes with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) is hazardous to your health. An auto body shop utilizes restorative paint finish processes and can do it better. They also do preventive safety measures that you may not be able to do.

Invisible Electrical Problems

  • Minor damage like a fender benders can loosen an electrical wiring not visible to human eyes. To find this needs the proper equipment and skill that obviously you do not know. You need to know how to look at the electrical systems of your car because if you have no knowledge of that then you might have problems that can range from battery, lights stereo, seats and door locks, and even your power windows. Sometimes, these problems will show later on and when it does, it will cost you more money.

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Windshield Replacements Are Pretty Complicated

  • If you have a front-end accident that left your windshield with a crack and you decide that you can do the replacement yourself, think twice. To do the replacement is not as hard, true, but then if could be dangerous because you might not have the right tools needed. Remember that a windshield is very heavy and if you make the mistake of dropping it, then it will not injure you but buying another windshield will incur another cost on your end.
  • When you install your windshield you might not be able to do it the right way and it might have a crack that will eventually be a bigger one in the near future. One should make sure that the windshield is tightly sealed so that no moisture and air can go in. Suffice it to say that do leave windshield replacements to the experts.


You Need a Good Auto Body Shop

When your car needs some good professional repair, finding the right auto body shop is very important. They have the equipment and the expertise to make your car look brand new. DIY repairs might even cost you more. If you need a good auto body shop who can do everything including windshield replacement, A + Plus Auto Glass has it all. A + Plus Auto Glass‘ SHIELDswap process will get you back on the road faster so call (623) 218-6844 right now!