Is Your Auto Glass Leaking?

Checking for leaking auto glass must be part of regular preventive maintenance. Sadly, this isn’t usually the case. Car owners only start to notice that something is wrong at the first signs of leaking.

But don’t panic! It isn’t too late yet. The fact you caught on to the early symptoms of leaking means you may have successfully averted bigger (and more expensive) problems.


How To Check for a Leaky Auto Glass

The moment you notice moisture inside the vehicle, don’t assume it’s caused by a leaking car glass. Water can also get in through a damaged car frame or broken A/C vents. That’s why you need to identify where it’s coming from.

Here’s a simple 5-step shower test for spotting the leak source:

  1. Remove personal items in your vehicle. Anything that could get damaged by water such as books and gadgets should be stored away.
  2. Tightly shut all the doors and windows. If you have someone to help you, let them stay inside the car so they can find the leak source.
  3. Switch the garden hose to a low water pressure setting.
  4. Give your car a good shower. Start at the bottom of the windshield and slowly but gradually work your way up to the top of the roof until you finish at the trunk. Make sure that you shower all sides of the vehicle, focusing on the edges of car glass. If you have someone helping you, this is a good time to let them inspect the car interior for sources of leaking.
  5. If you are doing the test alone, now is the time to check the insides of your vehicle. Look for signs where water entered, especially around the edges of your car vehicle.

If you see water streaks near auto glass (i.e. windshield, side windows, sunroof) then you’ve found yourself the leak source.


Causes of Auto Glass Leaking

Leaking auto glass can only mean that you either have an old car, or you recently had an auto glass installation that somehow went wrong.


1. Bad installation job

Car glass replacement needs to be performed by skilled professionals. Windshield replacement is an art on its own and requires certification and specialized tools.

Ideally, you should leave your vehicle to a dedicated auto glass repair shop, or a car repair center that offers it as a service. But if ever you attempted a DIY replacement or entrusted your vehicle in the wrong hands, it’ll most likely lead to problems.

A leaking windshield is the most common consequence of bad installation. The windshield may not have sealed properly to the car frame, leaving openings for water to enter. The most common causes of leaking windshield include:

  • Inadequate use or improper application of urethane
  • Windshield replacement was done in damp weather (i.e. rain, snow)
  • Failure to use proper setting tools such as vacuum cups


2. Your car is old

The sealants and rubber gaskets which keep auto glass in place can wear out with time. This compromises the air-tight feature of auto glass, allowing for water to come in.


What To Do If Your Auto Glass Is Leaking

Avoid fixing the windshield or auto glass on your own. It’s only going to cause more problems in the future, and will only add up to your bills. Find a trusted repair center who can do the job for you, and rest assured you no longer have to worry about leaking car glass.