Why Do Auto Glass Repair Estimates Differ?

If you’re shopping around for auto glass repairs, you might be surprised why each provider has different estimates. It’s not that some are trying to rip you off. It’s just that some factors affect their pricing and how they deal with repairs.

Remember this: simple questions can have different answers. The same goes for auto glass repair quotes. If you’re wondering why this is the case, you should consider the following points:

Type of glass to be used

Take note that the kind of glass to be used for the repairs will impact the cost of service. OEM glass is expensive since the shop will source it directly from the manufacturer of your car. On the other hand, you can save some bucks with after-market glass. These are mass-produced auto glass that is generically made for various car models.

So if you happen to encounter different quotes, ask about the glass that they are using. It’s usually the defining factor.

Model and make of your car

Many car owners don’t understand the model and brand of their car, so they often conclude that some shops are trying to dupe them. If you have a luxury car, expect that the repairs will be higher than other entry-level models. This is because the shop will need to source the glass from your manufacturer and they may have to use special tools.

Although you can use after-market glass for your luxury car, it may reduce its market value if you plan on selling it.

Insurance coverage

Depending on the terms indicated on your policy, you may only need to pay a deductible during auto glass repairs. However, if the cost is lower than your deductible price, your insurer may not pay for any claims.

Also, some dealers have a pre-negotiated rate among insurance companies based on the volume of repairs. This will directly affect the cost of repairs and their rates.

Certifications and licenses

If you’re availing of auto glass repairs from a premium shop, expect a higher cost. Most high-end auto shops have special certifications, licenses, and memberships. All of these make their service more reliable. On the other hand, it also allows them to increase their repair rates.

There’s an advantage and a disadvantage to this. But if the cost isn’t a big issue, premium auto shops will surely provide the best value for your car.

Location of the provider

Auto shops located downtown and within the business center of the area will have higher rates. This is due to the higher cost of rent, supplies, and wages. For those who are looking for a more affordable rate, they can take chances on small shops in the marginal areas. Nevertheless, being secluded doesn’t always mean lower rates. Take note that auto shops have to factor in the logistics of the materials they have to use.

Final words

It’s quite normal for auto shops to have different repair estimates. What’s important is you stay smart with your options. Inquire about the breakdown of expenses and see which one offers the best value.