Auto Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Proper car maintenance is crucial for a smooth ride. It will also maximize your car’s lifespan while avoiding expensive damages. Specifically, you should have your car checked during fall, just before the winter season kicks in. This extra care will ensure that your vehicle can put up with the freezing temperatures.

It’s advisable to have car maintenance weeks before winter. At this period, it’s much easier to drive to an auto shop, and rates are considerably lower. It’s also best to be proactive than waiting for car problems to occur in the middle of a snow-covered road.

The following are a few things you should check before fall ends:

Your car’s stopping power

For optimal stopping power, you need to check two things: your brakes and your tires. These two parts come hand-in-hand.

Your brakes must be in tip-top shape, including the fluids and pads. Next, you should check if your car tires are losing their treads or have serious damages.

Roads will become slippery during winter, so you need the best stopping power you can get out of your car. Taking your car to a test drive will let you get a feel of how well it stops upon hitting the brakes.

Your car’s fluids

The cold temperature of winter will make car fluids viscous. If these fluids are contaminated or running out, your car’s performance will be much worse.

Consider changing some of the fluids or at least checking its level. For starters, you should check your brake fluids, windshield wiper fluids, antifreeze, and motor oil.

Your windshield

Snow will put your windshield to the test. Parking your car in the open overnight is enough to cover the windshield with pounds of thick snow. If your windshield has cracks, there’s a chance that it will cave in. It’s a mess you wouldn’t want to discover on a busy morning.

Aside from auto glass, you should also check your wipers. Most car owners will opt to replace their wiper blades during fall, so it’s all set by winter. Take note that wiper blades get brittle in time, making it less efficient in removing debris off the windshield.

Your car’s heater and defroster

A car’s heater and defroster are only used during winter, so there’s a high chance it will have issues. In addition, being idle for most of the year can make your heater and defroster inefficient.

With this, you should check if the two systems are running. You can also ask an auto technician to check it for you, so repairs will be done right away if necessary.

Your vehicle’s lights

Your auto lights are excruciatingly important, much so during winter. If any of the lights are busted, see to it that it gets repaired right away. Besides, it’s illegal to drive a car with defective lights.


Fall is the best season to prepare your car as winter inches close. It will save you from the hassle of car problems in the middle of a snowy road. It’s also a matter of safety and maximizing the lifespan of your vehicle. In the long run, your proactive approach will pay off.