What To Do If Your Autoglass Is Damaged On Vacation

Traveling by plane sure is convenient. But there are few things better than jumping in a car and heading out on a classic American road trip. It’s a cheap, fun and practical way to get around the country. Plus, you get to see plenty of places before you even reach your destination!

The problem with road travel is that it comes with a few risks. One of them is a damaged windshield. If this happens to you, here are the steps you need to take:


Step 1: Assess the damage


As soon as you notice damage on your autoglass, the first thing you should do is pull over or park in a safe spot. There, you can assess the windshield damage without risking your personal safety.


Step 2: Decide whether you are going to have it repaired or replaced


Based on your assessment and the amount of damage to your autoglass, choose your next step.


Repair your autoglass windshield


In a best case scenario, your windshield suffered minor chipping or cracking in one or two spots. You might be able to have it repaired, saving you money on windshield replacement. Professionals will fill in the broken glass with a special resin. This stabilizes the break and prevents it from spreading across your windshield.


Replace your autoglass windshield


In a worst case scenario, there will be chips and hairline cracks all over your windshield. At this point, you have reached the point of no repair. You have no other choice but to replace your entire windshield.


Step 3: Find the nearest autoglass servicing center


It doesn’t matter if your windshield needs repairing or replacing. You have to go to the nearest autoglass service provider. Minor chips or cracks will only get worse if you ignore them and continue traveling. Eventually, it will reach a point where you’ll have to have a replacement.


More serious damage poses a threat to your safety for as long as you’re on the road. You need to have your autoglass replaced as soon as possible.


Why You Need to Repair or Replace Your Damaged Autoglass


Traveling exposes your windshield to shifting temperatures and rough driving conditions. Damaged windshields are more vulnerable to these elements. That means it only gets worse the longer you stay on the road.


Hot days and cold nights will cause your windshield to expand and contract. In turn, this will cause cracks to spread. Under extreme climate conditions such as summer and winter, your autoglass will suffer further damage. Even your car’s air conditioning can worsen the problem if you’re driving in extreme heat.


Traveling across rough terrain can put more stress on your damaged windshield.  Then there’s the possibility of objects hitting it. Also, closing your door can further agitate your broken windshield.


Severely damaged autoglass can decrease road visibility. This makes it difficult to drive, as well as increases your risk for accidents. Having your autoglass repaired or replaced quickly by a professional can help you:


  • Minimize windshield damage
  • Avoid costly windshield replacement
  • Promote safer driving


The sooner you can get work done on your windshield, the sooner you can get back on the road!