How to avoid car mirror damage

There are a dozen things that can damage your car’s side mirrors. You may think that having a broken side mirror or cracked glass isn’t a big deal. It doesn’t stop you from driving the car, right? But a damaged side mirror is a big deal. Not only will it almost certainly get you a ticket from a cop, but it also puts your safety at risk. Without a properly functioning side mirror, you won’t be able to clearly see what the cars, cyclists, and pedestrians behind and to the side of your car are doing. That could mean pulling out into traffic or hitting a cyclist or a pedestrian. The good news is that getting your side mirror replaced is quick and easy if you go to the right auto glass repair shop in Phoenix.


But so that you don’t have to come and visit us at A+ Plus Auto Glass with a busted side mirror, here are a few ways to avoid damaging your car’s side mirrors at all.


Pay attention and drive carefully

A lot of the time it is drivers who are at fault when their side mirror gets clipped or damaged. Not paying attention when driving, parking or reversing can easily result in scraping a wall or clipping another object. Make sure that you drive carefully at all times and slow down and pay particular attention when parking.


Park to avoid vandals

Speaking of parking, where you park can have a big impact on how at risk your car is to vandals. Wherever possible, park in well-lit areas and off the street where possible. If you do park on the street make sure to make the extra effort to turn your wing mirrors in so that passing cars can’t hit them.

Don’t let your kids play with your mirrors

Do you know another common way that mirrors get broken? It’s by kids playing with them. Power mirrors may be fun to use but they are not a toy. You should stop your kids from playing with them and make sure to lock them in place when driving. The worst thing about this kind of side mirror damage is that your insurance provider will rarely pay out.


Is this too late for you? Are you already driving around with a busted side mirror? Don’t put yourself or other road users in danger for a second longer. Bring your car down to A+ Plus Auto Glass and we’ll have it repaired within the day. For more information on our outstanding service or to get a quote on your repair, give us a call today at (623) 218-6844 or use our online contact form now.