Avoid Saying Yes for These Repair Scams (Part 1)

A great auto mechanic can be hard to find, and when you find the perfect mechanic for your car, you would want to hire them every time you would encounter car troubles. However, let’s be honest a reliable repair shop is hard to find these days. You will get ripped off if you are not careful.

Whether it is exorbitant repair rates or a car repair you don’t need, there are scams that you should be aware of. Yes, there are legit car repairs, but there are others that are obviously a scam. Below, I have listed a few repair scams to avoid because you may NOT need them for the time being.

  1. You don’t need a tires for that flat tire!

    • If you ever a flat tire, there are still a high chance that your tire is in excellent condition. So, do not immediately agree to buying a new tire. What you need to look at is if the tread is in good shape. If the tread of a tire is NOT worn off, then, it’s all good.
    • Besides, tires punctures can be remedied through the use of patches. Remember, you will only need $20 (or less) for a tire patch as compared to a new set of tires that would make you spend over $200. Think twice before you decide to buy as long as the tire tread is still okay.
  1. Think of the upselling technique.

    • In every field, whether it’s the automotive industry or not, upselling is a common practice. Just think of the moment when you ordered coffee, the barista would upsell if you would want a large cup. Perhaps, that time when you bought a sandwich and the attendant offered if you wanted to add some fries with your meal. Many businesses apply this strategy and upselling is everywhere.
    • The auto repair industry is not foreign to such concepts. Repair shops try to upsell you services that you may not need at the moment. When you go for an oil change, repair mechanics offer other services. One may tell you to replace the coolant, but replacement for this part is not as frequent as an oil change. You will only need to replace it once you have reached  100,000 miles. Thus, a coolant replacement is not necessary in a routine car maintenance.
    • If you are advised to get more car repairs than you intended to do, always ask for a second opinion because it could just be an upselling strategy you aren’t aware of!
  1. That dirty fuel injectors does not need to be cleaned.

    • A repair shop may inform you that the fuel injectors need to be cleaned every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. That’s not necessarily true because the gasoline, you fill your car with, contains detergent. This alone will help clean the fuel injectors.
    • You may be shown with a dirty fuel injector, but check your owner’s manual first. The recommended replacement for a fuel injector is every 35,000 miles. This is something you don’t need to replace frequently!

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