The Basics of Car Repair

To avoid the scams I mentioned on Car Repair Scams You Should Know About, you have to arm yourself with knowledge.

man fixing vehicle while holding spray canKnowing how your car works and how to identify the basic car problem are the first things that can help you. Also, it is crucial to find a good mechanic, and to know your rights as a consumer. This blog post might just be the help that you need.

Finding a Repair Shop

What are the important pointers in choosing a repair shop?

  • For sure, at least one of your family and friends have had experience with car experience. You better ask them for their recommended shops.
  • It is important to find a repair shop before the needed arises. Because if an accident happens, you will not be able to think straight and you will probably make rushed decisions.
  • Look around for repair shops and compare their repair rates and insurance policies.
  • At this point, it is also important to check for the shop’s licenses. Check if they have other certifications to back up their excellent service. The state Attorney General’s office may have the information about consumer complaints about a specific car shop.
  • Ensure that the repair shop you chose will also honor your existing warranty.

Looking for the Best Technician

Are all technicians the same?

  • Car technicians differ from each other through the certifications they have personally gain. So, when you look around for car repair shops, be a keen observer and check if there are certifications displayed. The mechanics at A + Plus Auto Glass are I-CAR certified professionals.
  • Certifications are proof that you are dealing with mechanics, who have met  the standards of car repair. It also means that they are competent enough to handle repairs.
  • However, remember that the certifications are not the ONLY measure of a good mechanic. Ask if they have experience with repairing a car like yours. More tips on: How to Find a Good Auto Mechanic?

The Repair Costs

Before you agree to do repairs, ask a price quote first. Do not jump into repairs if you have not consulted other alternatives. As for A+ Plus Auto Glass, we provide a free online estimate.

Other repair shops have a flat rate for labor with some charge per hour or change basing from the actual time the mechanic worked on your car. If you plan to do an extensive repair, ask about the recommended repairs. It is best to ask for a second opinion.

Also, ask if there are any diagnostic charge because many repair shops ask for a fee for their diagnostic time. If you have decided on where to do you car repair, remember to always ask for a written estimate.

What should be written on the repair estimate?

  • It should tell you the car parts that needed to be repaired, the cost of the part, and labor charge for each repair. The copy should be signed to ensure that it is legit and they will honor the same repair charge on the actual repair date.
  • It should also include that the shop has to contact you before making any changes to the written estimate. The repair cost should not exceed the amount written on repair quotation.