The Basics of Rainproofing Your Auto Windshield

A sudden downpour in the middle of a highway will make you vulnerable to accidents. The pelting rain on your windshield paired with splashes from passing trucks will make the situation worse. Without proper rainproofing, you’ll experience zero visibility. This is extremely dangerous but easy to prevent with proper windshield maintenance.

The middle of the road isn’t the best place to discover that your windshield is not rainproof. At that moment, it might be too late to pull over to the side. This is why you should never neglect your windshield.

To keep your windshield rainproof for unexpected weather conditions, you should do the following:

Conduct thorough windshield inspection

The first thing you should do is inspect your windshield. Look for potential cracks, scratches, swirls, and other damages. Take note that windshield cracks can be dangerous even if it’s not raining. When sunlight strikes the cracks, it will create a blinding effect, increasing your risk of accidents.

If you spot any of these cracks, it’s best to have them repaired right away. For major cracks, a windshield replacement might be needed. Your car detailer will recommend the best option based on the condition of your windshield.

Clean your windshield            

If your windshield doesn’t have cracks, the next step is to clean it thoroughly. While visibility may look good on clear skies, it would be a different story during a stormy day. Your once clear windshield will turn murky and cloudy all of a sudden due to accumulated dirt.

Take note that activating your wipers on a dirty windshield isn’t always a good move. It will create mud streaks that will make visibility much worse.

This is why you should clean your windshields regularly using water, soap, and a microfiber towel.

Use a rain repellent

To ensure that your windshield will provide top-notch visibility, you should treat it with a rain repellent. This formula prevents condensation buildup on the windshield glass. It will also boost the function of your defogger or defroster.

Before applying the rain repellent, make sure that you clean the auto glass first. I recommend using an ammonia-based cleaner for a squeaky clean result.

Moreover, you should follow all the instructions indicated in the rain repellent product. Let the coating dry before buffing your windshield. After that, you’ll need a few hours for the rain repellent to fully cure on your windshield.

Buy reliable wipers 

You should also switch to high-quality wipers that can whisk rainwater efficiently. Take note that wiper blades get worn out over time, so it’s important to change them regularly. On average, car owners need to change their wipers three to four times a year.

Aside from replacing, you should also install your wipers properly. This is to prevent the blades from scraping the glass too much and leaving swirl marks.


Rain proofing your windshield is a crucial step to prevent accidents on the road. Inspecting, cleaning, and treating your auto glass with a rain repellent are easy solutions to the problem. Visiting a local detailer is also a wise move to keep your windshield in the best shape.