Read This Before You Buy a New Car Battery!

Together with maintaining your vehicle, another specific thing that we need to take good care of is our car’s battery. The battery is used to feed the starter which makes the engine start. In short, the overall power for the electrical systems of your car is being supplied by the battery.

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But how will you know which battery is right for your car? Here are some of the primary factors you should consider and things you should do:

  • a. Make sure that it is indeed the battery that causes the problem on your vehicle and not loose connections or frayed wires.
  • b. Before going out and buying a new one, you need to check first your vehicle’s manual or take a look at your old battery to make sure that you get the right type and size of the battery.

Car batteries come in different sizes so you must know the right one that fits your car. Also, you can have some simple recommendations as to what is the top brand performer from year to year and from size to size. This will help you avoid assumptions that buying the same one will also give you the same results.

  • Cold-cranking amps and Cranking amps

  • These two are important measurements of the battery’s power.
  • Cold-cranking amps measure a battery’s power in cold temperatures (0 °F). So if you are living in a place that has a cold climate, you must pay attention to this measurement. And as a reminder, You should not buy a battery that has fewer cold-cranking amps than what is recommended and stated on your owner’s manual because the worst-case scenario is you might find yourself stranded in the cold with a dead battery.
  • On the other hand, cranking amps measures your battery’s starting power for moderate climates (32 °F and above). You can also check your owner’s manual for its minimum amount as recommended for your vehicle.
  • Reserve capacity (RC)

  • It is a very important battery rating and the amount of time that the battery gives its maximum amperage before dropping completely. The higher rating, the more likely it is that the battery can power on in a situation like leaving your car’s lights on.
  • Warranty

  • The warranty for a car’s battery may differ between companies or manufacturers. Some offer a free replacement for the whole life period of the warranty, others offer a pro-rated one and some offer a combination of both. It is vital to choose a battery with the longest free-replacement period.
  • As a safety precaution, be aware that signs of neglect like low water levels and improper installation can void a warranty. Also, heavy-duty usage, like high-end car audio and marine applications, most especially if the battery is not built for it.

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