Why It’s Best To Let Professionals Tint Your Windows

Most new vehicles come with pre-installed tinted windows straight out of the factory. It looks great on a new car. Unfortunately, that’s all there is too it. Factory tinted windows serve no more than an aesthetic purpose. This is why it’s best to have professionals tint your windows.

What is factory tint?


Factory tint is a standard tint applied to newly bought vehicles. Some manufacturers give you the option to choose from different shades. It is often used on trucks and SUVs. Although some also use it on smaller cars.


Why is factory tint a bad choice?


Car windows are dyed with dark pigment in a process known as deep dipping. Manufacturers cut costs by applying the minimum required tint on vehicles. That is, 15 to 25% visual light transmission (VLT).


To make things worse, they only apply it on rear windows, leaving the windshield and side windows bare. Factory tint doesn’t give ample protection against heat, glare, and UV rays.


5 Reasons Why You Should Leave It To Professionals


1. They’re aware of tinting laws in your state


Each state has its own laws on car tint. These laws are meant to uplift public safety by setting limits on tint darkness. You won’t have to worry about breaking these laws if you hire a professional car tinting service.  Chances are, they’re already familiar with them. A true professional will do their best to ensure you don’t get into trouble with law enforcement.


2. Safe removal of factory tint


If you think that removing factory tint is as easy as peeling off stickers from glass, think again. Factory tint, no matter how cheap it is, has adhesives stronger than an ordinary sticker or decal.


You can rest easy in the hands of a professional tinting service. Equipped with the necessary tools for removing factory tint, they can safely remove it without damaging your windows.


3. You get the best quality tint


One thing less to worry about? A hack job.


Rest assured that you’ll be provided with high-grade tint for your car windows. These tints are superior to factory tint because they’re sturdy and less temperamental. A professional car tinting company will be able to apply them smoothly on your windows. There will be no creases, air bubbles, wrinkles, or debris.


4. Guaranteed satisfaction


Not happy with how your car tint turned out? Some tinting companies offer re-tinting services at no extra charge – or your money back.


5. Saves more money


You might think that sticking with factory tint or opting for a DIY tint is going to cost you less. But if you consider their poor quality and limited lifespan, you’ll realize that investing in quality tint saves more money in the long run.


Professional tint can also preserve the value of your car. By protecting its interiors from heat and UV rays, your vehicle will keep looking new for longer. Thus, you’ll be able to resell it for a higher value.


It also protects electronics, and reduces the possibility of injury during car accidents. Both of which are costly expenses.